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Open your own snack bar to earn money,star your own business.

By launching the snack bar or concession stand area Gets a lot of foot traffic to make money. Snack bar an ideal location, including the local Little League team plays or public park, a baseball field. Snack before you begin, you need to have any certifications and licenses going. You will also need to purchase equipment, can be used to prepare food, if you want to serve hot food, such as hot dogs, pizza.
The 1th
Proper business licenses and snack bar, in the city and the country of your registration application. You will most likely need food service establishment permit from your state agricultural and basic business licenses and permits. You also have to register your business name and the entity, unless you’re running a wholly-owned enterprises. Other licenses and registration includes get employer identification number, if you plan to hire other people, seller’s permit, and income taxes if you hire snack bars.

The 2nd step
Registration and through food safety courses, take your food safety certification or food handlers permit. Typically, you will need at least one certified employees working on the snack each transition. National Association of concessionaires provided food safety courses, designed specifically for people who work in the shop.

The 3rd step
Select a location to your snack bar, and have the appropriate permissions to fast food at that location. Where can I find the position depends on the individual parks or other areas of the rule; for location, you may require additional licenses. Choose a location, you can ensure that a steady stream of customers to obtain large amounts of traffic.

The 4th step
Deciding what snacks to offer concessions stands and obtain all the necessary equipment. If you are selling hot dogs or other hot food, you need to cook them and make them hot methods of reducing risk of foodborne diseases. If you like ice cream and other frozen treatment services, you need refrigerator. Must sell cold drinks fridge or cooler.

the 5th step
Select your working hours. Decide whether to open major events during the day or during the day and night. When you open length determines how much you want to hire staff or volunteers to be recruited.

The 6th step
List your inventory and prices, customers can be clearly seen on a whiteboard. Uses can easily erase the Whiteboard project them at run time, if you need to adjust prices.

The 7th step
Setting a reasonable price. Sale item, so you can make money. A wise rule of thumb, you pay the food item, it has been from the United States youth soccer run snack bar Guide. For example, if you pay 50 cents for each candy bar, each bar sold $ 1.
The 8th step
Flyers during the event, post fliers on bulletin boards in the region promote your Cafe.

I want to open a snack store,where to buy snack store equipments ?

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Here are some tips to open a snack store.

1. Find the location of your snack bar. Good place to consider including the airport, bus and train station, fitness centre, gym, and laundry on the campus of universities and colleges.
2. And if you are considering, and ask them whether they opened a snack bar, facilities for them, and how many receive locations contact the owner of rental space. They will give you the need for insurance and their signage request-related information.
Some companies, such as laundries and so may be less restrictive, as to how to run your snack bar. But other sectors, such as fitness centers, there will be additional requirements. For example, the fitness centre you may be asked to sell only healthy food.
3. Call your local small business administration (SBA) Office or your city small business development center and see what makes you have to restart your snack bar. Most County and need to get your employer identification number (EIN) from the IRS assumes that the name of the certificate (“doing business as”, or DBA). If your State to collect sales tax, you may also need to obtain a permit resale or tax identification number.
4. Purchase you need for your Cafe, including merchandise bags, signage, cash machines and merchant account, suspend, showing and cold storage companies such as United States retail supply or retail supply store supply warehouse.
5. Connect national candy from vending machine companies, such as purchases you will sell snacks. If you want to sell fruits and vegetables, please contact your local farmers market and get their contact information for the vendor.If you want to sell prepared foods such as sandwiches and salads, you will need to purchase local food wholesale business or for the preparation and your state license in needed to sell food to the public. This usually means getting food Enterprise license permits, certificates, food managers, food processing, a health check of the snack bar area.

How to Open My Own Icecream Shop and Where to Buy Icecream Machine?

How to Start an Ice Cream Shop Business
How to create a business plan for your ice cream shop (includes a sample business plan for a frozen yogurt shop)
1. Deciding what kind of ice cream shop to open
An overview of options for your ice cream shop business:
2. Buying an existing ice cream shop (including how to find ice cream shops for sale)
3. Buying an ice cream shop franchise
4. Opening a new ice cream shop
5. Choosing a name for your ice cream shop
6. Where to get start-up financing for your ice cream shop business (includes sample start-up budgets)
7. Information about important business matters including insurance and whether you should incorporate
8. How much space (square footage) you need to open your ice cream shop
9. What to consider when choosing a location for your ice cream shop, including information about permits and leases
10. Interior and exterior design of your ice cream shop
11. Equipment and supplies you need to start an ice cream shop (for storing, scooping, and selling ice cream) and where to get it
12. How to get inventory for your ice cream shop including information about:
wholesalers of ice creams and frozen desserts
13. suppliers of commercial ice cream making equipment