How to Open My Own Icecream Shop and Where to Buy Icecream Machine?

How to Start an Ice Cream Shop Business
How to create a business plan for your ice cream shop (includes a sample business plan for a frozen yogurt shop)
1. Deciding what kind of ice cream shop to open
An overview of options for your ice cream shop business:
2. Buying an existing ice cream shop (including how to find ice cream shops for sale)
3. Buying an ice cream shop franchise
4. Opening a new ice cream shop
5. Choosing a name for your ice cream shop
6. Where to get start-up financing for your ice cream shop business (includes sample start-up budgets)
7. Information about important business matters including insurance and whether you should incorporate
8. How much space (square footage) you need to open your ice cream shop
9. What to consider when choosing a location for your ice cream shop, including information about permits and leases
10. Interior and exterior design of your ice cream shop
11. Equipment and supplies you need to start an ice cream shop (for storing, scooping, and selling ice cream) and where to get it
12. How to get inventory for your ice cream shop including information about:
wholesalers of ice creams and frozen desserts
13. suppliers of commercial ice cream making equipment

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