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Servicing yourself kitchen equipments

Supplier shall never underestimate the regular services and equipment in the importance of their diet. Kitchen equipments, such as frying range, the fish and chip shop, there is a law a few pipes and flue at least once a year will be cleaned by the professionals and services, your range. If you are in a busy store, you may need to do this, or even quarterly or twice a year. Failure to do so will result in you being declared invalid by the claim that you make the insurer’s strategy.

However, regular maintenance and cleaning equipment in your diet is not the only kit in some cases, the law, but your performance is also crucial. There may be pan-fried or down on the burner may not ignite a microwave oven, this downtime may have a significant impact on your sales.

It is not enough just to remember that your Kitchen equipments and cleaning services, it is necessary to use a reputable company. If you are a new set of wheels just spent £ 40,000 using a car – - analogy, you do not do it any old service garage and same idea applies to your diet and Kitchen equipments.

Combi oven cook a huge variety of different recipes

Combi oven or steam iron to a very long way since back in the 1970s invented. Basically, they combine a convection type oven ship; adjustment of wet or dry heat oven to allow the chef to cook a wide variety of different recipes, from roast beef, baked bread, it can be boiled, baked – you name it, Camber it.

These general-purpose machines are also at home with a la carte and large capacity cooking, this party or institutional catering.

The early model is the use of complex. However, the benefits – - including cooking, better tasting food and less waste (through less shrinkage) rate – - quick access to commercial kitchen Combi oven a very welcome addition.

These days they can operate, so that even untrained staff can provide, such as the chef’s signature soufflé, (combi oven) button stands to reason is very simple.

Ease of use does not mean they stifle creativity, far from it. For example, the exact cooking temperature and the average cook can control their diet is more accurate than ever.

Camber ships being used for each sector of the market – - cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels sector, and recreational facilities, events, restaurants, hospitals and prisons has led to a combination of ease of use and creativity.

To know
Boiler or elements: combi oven steam ship element or gas burner or heat exchanger on the water. Each system is good – - the spray is generally cheaper to buy, but may require more cleaning and maintenance.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point: temperature cooking process and the need to monitor and record hazard analysis critical control point. Many Camber steam iron automatically, a few days or more stored data. Some can be linked to the network or the Internet, so that you can download data and create reports simply and easily.

Health: Many Camber steam iron, another big advantage is that they have self-cleaning procedures – - so they clean themselves, the press of a button. This is not just make life easier, (although it does not, of course) is the raw – - the best system more effectively than they do by hand to clean the oven.

You get the best from your Camber it?
Cleaning: failed to properly clean your unit will not only affect its efficiency, but also may endanger the food quality – - the last thing you want is the meat and fat residue contaminated batch of baked pudding for lunch. If you have fat consumption Camber check and clear it’s the end of each day, or it may be clogged.

Cleaner: Make sure to follow detergent manufacturer’s recommendations monitoring. Cleaner assembly with a disastrous impact on the Camber. Descaling the scheduling problem, the good news is that it is usually quick and simple operation.

Training: more advanced equipment, such as combis are often easier to use in its most basic set – - push the button and you are cooking. However, again like the high-tech appliances, it is too easy to ship date Camber potential.

Manufacturers will provide training seminars and its well worth a day or two aside to attend – - combi oven, or whether you just want to buy one. They will be free so it cost just a few hours and you will surely benefit from more information about Compellent’s versatility and potential opportunities.

Energy bars
Camber ship water and energy and manufacturers are discussing how to reduce both consumption. Gas model can help to reduce running costs and also the load on the power supply. The unit will use more sophisticated techniques to minimize consumption. For example, by accurate only draw as much water and energy as the need to do this work – - to avoid unnecessary waste of resources.

Many ships also offer Camber not more than 10 minutes to heat up quickly – - this means wandering wait staff do not heat up the unit and there is no need to open (keep hot) although it is not used for cooking units. Camber is a cleaner build – - this could seriously jeopardize the unit’s energy efficiency. Several products into the monitoring and cleaning agents to remove the system, will minimize or even eliminate this problem. Effective water treatment is an important factor in reducing the cost of services while ensuring long service life.

Finally, the doormat require regular inspection and replacement of worn or damaged if they are, because they will leak heat into the kitchen.

Examples of snacking and fast food equipment

Contact grill

Contact grill to cook a lot of quick snacks – - foods such as grilled sandwiches, grilled meat and Hamburg – - because of their heat at the top and bottom of the effective way.

Panini grills

How to find barbecue is a good example of special equipment can enhance the snack service. Essentially, it is linked to the paninis grilled ribs of its basic (and attractive) and the appearance of re-striping design. That has been very popular in recent years – - this is a ‘grilled sandwich’ with extra flavor and charm – - and command higher prices, so there is a dedicated barbecue, creating the perfect discovery can benefit in the tricks.

Pizza oven

Pizza can be prepared fresh, or in advance, cooked and sold in a few minutes the entire board, or slices. For some kitchen table eating snacks unit is compact enough for any place, including some traditional stone base to produce the taste is not a traditional oven oven space requirements.


The toaster is not just catering to build strong measures. Respect them more uniform, interchangeable parts, which can be more general – - correct toast of bread, bread and other products. More advanced units allow for a wider range of slots ‘folder’ of toasted sandwiches.

Potato oven

These are popular capacity as furnaces, held in a display cabinet and the buyer. Make sure the cabinet matches held in the ability to cook, so it can be 30 hours of oven baked potatoes with adequate preparation – room service jacket potatoes.

Hot dog grill

Fast, simple and always sell hot dogs. As other snack equipment, a dedicated unit to provide the best results – - are usually baked in a roller or specialist steamer. Companions of bread can be placed in the following. It is the production unit can obtain the full desktop plug-ins, can give an alternative ‘theater style’.

Hot cabinet

Cabinet so that the major heat tally clerk for a variety of foods. Attractive appearance is important – - Cabinet and elegant, clear light of display space to encourage impulse buying. When the main source of beverage sales, because it can increase food sales, which is particularly effective.

Built-in humidifier helps keep fresh longer and wet food.

Combi oven

Look at the new counter, give them greater flexibility to all brothers, but it takes up space is not greater than the top model of a microwave range. These models can give the flexibility and speed of cooking across the whole menu.

Forced air oven

These use a combination of microwave energy and high-speed hot air to cook quickly – - which is especially suitable for torpedo rolls and other cooked fast service, and extensive use of high street restaurant chain.

Snacks and fast food equipment

“Food to go ‘rising demand for more affordable to more people trade so as the next thing you eat from the dinner to do the right it can bring high returns.

Can be completed ahead of a lot of preparation, cooking process can be deskilled, if you choose the right equipment with less work involved. Less work means lower labor costs, the total cost is usually the largest element. Choose fast-food equipment, first rule is do not buy China-made kit. It can not with commercial quality catering equipment – - not in build quality, fast operation, quality of results, general health or reliability.

And it is important to choose the right equipment. More than any other area of specialized units for specific types of food catering services, fast food service benefit.

In this sector, and presentations can be stored is also important cooking, simply because the impulse to play in the process a large extent, and food need to be ready for service.

Stainless Products From Woodson, Electrolux, Koldtech, Culinaire, Metro & Simply

Stoddart Manufacturing is Australia’s leading stainless steel & metal products manufacturer for the Food Service & Building industries.

They supply:

Woodson Countertop Food Equipment
Woodson have been making quality counter top food service equipment since 1954, and is known throughout Australasia for its versatility, reliability and serviceability. What is more Woodson Products offer exceptional value for money.
Woodson Professional Food Equipment is available throughout Australia and internationally through quality food service equipment dealers.
Don’t settle for anything less than the genuine Woodson.

Culinaire Foodservice Products
Targeted at heavy duty commercial kitchens, the Culinaire range has been specifically designed and manufactured in Australia to meet and exceed the rigorous demands of a busy food service operation. Including banqueting systems and general food service products, Culinaire combines strength, ingenuity, reliability and value.

Electrolux Professional Cooking Equipment
The Electrolux Professional range offers more products and more advantages than any other brand. Designed and made in Europe, it incorporates cutting edge technology to deliver better cooking results with unrivalled green performance. The range includes:
٠ Combi Ovens
٠ Blast Chillers
٠ Modular cooking equipment
٠ Warewashing equipment
٠ Thermetic appliances

Koldtech Display Cabinets and Refrigeration Products
Koldtech is Australia’s most popular range of refrigerated and heated display cabinets.
Not only do they store products in an environment that keeps your products looking and tasting better for longer, the lighting will also optimise your sales. The Koldtech range includes:
٠ Square-line series of hot, cold Displays, front counters & sandwich making fridges
٠ The Euro range of contemporary curved cabinets
٠ The classic curved range of hot, cold and ambient displays
٠ Sandwich and pizza preparation benches
Koldtech cabinets provide the technology of excellence.

Metro – shelving systems
Metro has an established performance record in many commercial, healthcare and foodservice settings.

Metro Max & Super Erecta shelving systems assemble in minutes without tools and come standard with Microban anti-microbial protection to inhibit stain and odour causing bacteria.

SIMPLY STAINLESS – Modular Stainless Steel
Quality, Availability, Value

Simply Stainless sets the standard for modular stainless steel benching in Australia. With Simply Stainless you can complete a full kitchen fit-out today, thanks to the range and our massive stock holding. Made to the highest specification Simply Stainless is Simply the best. Our range includes:

٠ Stainless steel work benches
٠ Stainless sink benches
٠ Drawers and accessories
٠ Dishwasher inlet and outlet benches
٠ Granite topped benches
٠ Shelving – free standing and wall mounted
٠ Trolleys

Fine Food rely on innovative new catering equipments

Some hotels on the market the most innovative new products in food Australia has confirmed.

Good food year Best New Product Award winners are announced in the industry show yesterday in the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre. After the kick-off on Monday, 5 pm Thursday in closed food a year.

There are four award categories – - the latest catering equipment, best new food products, the best new Australian products and the best new retail bakery products.

Best new restaurant equipment category has two winners – - Beit Walter temperature for the just-released Australian RoMatik XS Stoddart reverse osmosis water treatment plant and the Adande VCR2 refrigerated drawer.

My money, the latest product is heat and cold Servery from Stoddarts, stunning wine storage tower range of products from Premier Williams and San Remo coffee machines.

China commercial dishwasher

It features china commercial dishwasher.

Video of the script as follows:

1.Washtech commercial dishwasher for cleaning a new perspective
2.Washtech undercounter dishwasher models include the peaceful and UD.
3.Washtech through dishwasher models include the M1, M2, aluminum.
4 High Performance – - Washtech in its category – - to ensure that the most powerful high-performance washing wash pump
5 easy to use – - Easy to install – - easy to service
6 easy to clean – - Washtech most models have multiple wash filtration system is superior
7 to establish the final – - Most Washtech dishwasher copper boiler – - This undercounter model with superior door and Washtech delivery model has the lightest balanced cover
8 best service – - Electromechanical control the Washtech dishwasher easy to use, easy to maintain – - Product Information Online – - and you can run it all in order to maintain 24 / 7 Washtech dishwasher
9.Washtech dishwasher features earth-friendly technology
10 This allows you to save water and save on chemicals. Washtech is an industry leader in this field.
11 today to buy your Washtech commercial dishwasher commercial kitchen from Sydney

Counter Top Electric Deep Fryer

Joe McAuley from Pitco talk about their new rotation frying pan, to reduce oil and salt in your favorite fried foods.

Pitco’s new oil pan for frying to reduce the spinning spinning process, which will remove approximately 50% of the hot oil on a chip, thereby reducing the heat of deep fried foods. Crumbed or battered products are 30% of calories when prepared in the new pot, you can rotate the lower Rpm settings such products to ensure that the batter remains unchanged.

Archway 4 Burner Kebab: Electric Shawarma (Adjustable)

Who does not like nice kebab? In a quiet but loud at night or go out, and each chip shop is the perfect companion, kebabs and other family are always fighting over who gets to his preface in the local map, not ‘the best Maradona’ of place.

Each establish their own testing and verification methods, to try to make their own kebabs top of the hierarchy, but one thing can certainly be good quality kebab, there is an absolute must is a quality kebab machine.

Skewers will be very satisfied without proper cooking, which is why this restaurant our first call to St. Paul this wonderful 4 burner kebab machine available for sale second hand with our range of LPG cookers now no 2!

Rarely used as a new previously, the use of liquefied petroleum gas machine was in full working order and for the next one 550: 20 days before the VAT

So, if you want to perfect the perfect kebab, and then add this great package to your range, and do not forget to check out a collection of second hand catering equipment, the rest of our wonderful

Holshizaki Ice Machine make cold drink

Now, you might want to, you wrap the winter with the weather, but for those hot summer sun, freezing cold soft drinks than good, so you refresh the more satisfying!

Ice for drinks during the hot months of the abundance and heat waves, as many people in addition to those sensitive teeth, is excellent cafes or bars where they can pursue to get ice, cold sweat, find out its course beverages suppliers, which is, of course, unless you have a good time to ice!

30-degree day can not chase the ice to go much faster than what the customer, if you are a little warm cup of cola service, soft drinks, not just you do a lot of complaints, you have a lot more likely to miss the potential for self-definition, and left a negative impression on the minds of many consumers.

Fortunately, here in the first call catering, we have the perfect solution for those who want to get nice and early, and ensure that they are not in trouble next summer roll around, the magic used Holshizaki ice machine IM50K, our first second hand ice machine is available in the collection.

Only a few very light scratches aesthetic, this great fire ice machine is in perfect running order, and available only: 950, far below the recommended retail price of more than !

So, do not fall into the summer, through our range of second hand catering equipment see this wonderful ice machine in your establishment, and make sure you get a lot of cool cash!