How to select the right address for your snack bar ?

The choice of operating point of the business prosperity or have a major impact. If you select the wrong location, even if decorated, cooked taste Shang Hao, good service, the business can not prosper. Therefore, whether shop or are in the planning of business, venue must be a thorough study, research focused on the characteristics and place of business co-ordinated with the business approach. Now lots of types and characteristics are as follows:

(1) near the station
    Passengers to and from the customer base, including working employees, and students, hospitality at the different ways to different objects, in particular, to carefully handle the pricing. In addition, the holiday is not the same as the usual customers, we must be different. Customers in this lots greatest goal is to other cars, so fast food restaurants most appropriate.

(2) Company name clusters
     More than the lot of workers as the most important classes of customers, its purpose is nothing more than to visit or do business chat. How to deal with a large number of hysteresis into the lunch customers, holidays and weekends, when business is light on how to improve the efficiency of business turnover, is to choose the focus of the lot to consider.

(3) Student Street
     Students are the main customers for this location. Day no significant differences in peak periods with the light, but the seasonal difference is quite large. Motivation for students to use the restaurants, in addition to chat, entertainment, there are reunions, or reading, etc. Therefore, we must pay attention to the convenience of moving tables and chairs, and prepare books and magazines. Out the book-type of restaurants and fast food are suitable for this location.
(4) business downtown
     This location is dating, chat, shopping, rest mixed motives who gathered the place, of course, shop the most appropriate location, but also a large number of investment location. The lot regardless of what type of store are commissioned for, but the necessary condition is the store to have its own characteristics, and do business for some specific object. As more customers on weekends and holidays, it must be flexible and use of hourly workers.

(5) residential
    This lot of customers to nearby residents mainly focus on how to reflect the warm hospitality warmth and provide fresh delicious food of. A recreation center with nearby residents if functions such as setting the bulletin board, the organizers make friends, games and other fun activities, the greater the likelihood of success.

(6) suburban sections
    In recent years, some restaurants were built in place of the special land cheap restaurants, with its unique style and access to consumers. Furthermore, since the fast-food restaurants in the vicinity of major traffic arteries base, but also do a new wave of suburban restaurant market. With a growing number of car class, suburban locations have gradually taken seriously. Restaurants in the lot to parking lot, and have eye-catching introduction of advertising signs. If cheap is designed for a large dinner restaurant offers unique dining location will be the focus of the business.

In short, open restaurants must meet the characteristics of the lot, consider the supply of raw materials, people how much rent is reasonable and so on, write the best business strategy; and often pay attention to the lot changes in the environment, to establish the gold standard.

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