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hotels kitchen design and health standards

First, the establishment of health management organizations, and improve food hygiene systems and post responsibility system, with the tertiary (and) health managers, related to health system posted on the wall, and the establishment of the Food Hygiene file.
   Required to receive health permit, all food employees shall obtain a valid health card and training certificate after induction

   Catering unit should be restaurant (food hall), kitchen (food production), the auxiliary part of the composition (kitchen, including main and food processing, pantry, cooked food, utensils, washing store between; auxiliary part including the Treasury, Office of , changing rooms, bathrooms, etc.; the public part of the restaurant does not include a foyer, hallway, lounge diner), must have a dedicated material handling, cooking, food storage (refrigerated), tableware washing disinfection, changing clothes, fuel and waste dumps sites ; food production and living area is strictly separated from the kitchen and refreshments must be rational distribution of raw into the cooked out of the process.
    Restaurant and kitchen and ancillary rooms of the ratio (referred to Kitchenware ratio) is not less than 3:2 (restaurant area according to one meal a one square meter estimate, the kitchen area is generally 65%) of the restaurant area.
    Between the five, kitchen or food production must be white tiles and other light-colored, impervious, non-absorbent materials, paving or recoating of two meters above the dado, the workplace and the stove top of the processing directly imported food should be paved reach the peak; the ground should be located a ditch drainage three sides of the trench paste smooth waterproof material, Yin Kok arc; the ground must be impervious, corrosion-resistant materials, paving, gutters direction should be 1-3% of the tilt. In the outlet, the suction of the exhaust port should install anti-rodent facilities.
    Six each function of the kitchen (place) should be set to the following facilities.
A. Between the rough: There should be more than two pools and console for the roughing of meat, vegetables, and divided into the store shelf.
Two. Cooking: with the appropriate size of the garnish station and covered condiment container, semi-finished products storage dedicated refrigerator, and clearly marked side dishes, Sheng LEVER. Stove, steam stoves should use gas, oil, electric furnace or wall coal stoves, kitchen surfaces impervious, smooth material to build the stove top is equipped with ventilation hoods and exhaust hood is greater than the stove surface.
3. Dim sum: with a table, sink, cooking exhaust facilities, pallet rack, special raw, cooked refrigerator (cabinet). Production Biaohua snacks shall be provided 1 square meter or more specifically, at the entrance to the secondary dressing room should be located, hand disinfection facilities, above the Biaohua table to install the UV germicidal lamp.
4. BBQ department: should be set up raw food refrigerator, marinated with special containers, air-dried frame, flavoring custody of the cabinet, the oven is equipped with a fume extraction system above, and with coal storage containers. Should set up special cooked, and set the secondary dressing room, cooked should have a dedicated tool containers, rags, etc., with hand disinfection facilities, air purification, disinfection facilities and cooling facilities.
5 Cold dishes cold dish: the supply of fruit platter should be equipped with table, fruit cleaning disinfectant pool and wash basin, special cutting boards, knives, utensils and refrigerator.
6. Pantry: you should set the table, condiments and snacks, cleaning counters, pantry cutlery cleaning cabinets and the sink.
7. There should be a staple, staple food and beverages separately stacked capacity dedicated enough food warehouse, should be 20 cm above the cargo off the ground pad away from the rack or shelf, and rodent control, pest control measures and good ventilation. Perishable foods must be equipped with raw and cooked special freezer (box), operating a single type of wet snacks with a double-door refrigerator, do foods cable card registration.
8. Tableware number should be eating the number of not less than the number of peak dining times, shall be provided cutlery fixed cleaning, disinfection (three pools) and large enough to flies and dust cleaning facilities. Tableware disinfection methods should be used, supplemented by drug disinfection; steam, electronic disinfection should be equipped with exhaust steam disinfection, electronics cabinets, dishwasher, heat disinfection.
9. The dining room and kitchen must have the flies and dust-proof facilities, the main staple food, beverage warehouse, food containers washing, disinfection must also have fly-proof dust-proof facilities
10. Employees in the locker room should be set, hanging to put underwear wardrobe (cabinet) and the shoe box inside the locker room. Food employees work clothing, hat winter and summer not less than 2 sets. Production the cooked Lucai the staff should be only 3-5 masks.
11. Actively carry out the pesticide activities, so no mouse, no flies, cockroaches. Foreign door flies and dust facilities, indoor and outdoor environmental health do neat, organized, no dead ends, bright and clean.
12. Must be in material handling, cut with cooking, washing utensils, and the corresponding location has a total of at least two sealed to facilitate cleaning of the Hogwash barrels or other containers of waste.

The principle of catering equipment procurement

Production of kitchen equipment manufacturers in the fierce market competition, the emergence of a number of brands they produce good equipment performance, affordable, and stress credibility, and maintenance service in a timely manner, thoughtful, comprehensive, but there are also some companies solely on the price advantage to win, often cut corners in the production process, the materials used to reach the product .

(1) reasonable price principle.
The price buyers and sellers eternal topic, the seller always want to be able to sell their own product prices some multi-up money, profit, and buyers expect to spend less money can buy a good product, the pursuit of the people generally so-called cheap However, the cost of quality control management is always a complementary pair of twin brothers, the price of good equipment is generally more expensive, poor quality equipment is cheaper. Hotels in the purchase of equipment should be able to meet production as a precondition, as the price, as long as reasonably can be. By supply-side delivery, free installation, extended warranty and found that the unconditional return of quality problems, security debugging a series of measures, efforts to reduce the purchase price, and strive to food and beverage industry cost control management, to buy high-quality brands of equipment at a reasonable price .
(2) The security firm, and durable principle.
Kitchen production safety is the most important food and beverage management system requires the purchase of equipment a threat to life and property safety risks, equipment purchases must take into account in the purchase of equipment, careful observation of the device with or without security instructions and safety protection devices. Such as automatic alarm, automatic power-off. Also, check the corner, edge, with or without a prominent and sharp flash welding is solid, sheet whether the use of galvanized materials or other inferior materials in accordance with the prescribed thickness, some of the equipment within the keel anchor instead, etc. some machinery and equipment is necessary, open the rotation to see if the operation is normal and any abnormal sound.
(3) The versatility and mobility.
With the advances in technology, modern kitchen has a number of mechanical combines many functions in one. Multifunctional meat minced, multifunction mixer. The former, the capacity cut pork, meat, ground meat in one, the latter volume and surface, kneading dough, mix trap, beat cake and other functions in one purchase these advanced multifunction devices, not only to reduce investment costs, and reduce the the kitchen floor space, improve efficiency, the industry has reduced the labor costs, the mobility of the kitchen equipment to facilitate the use of different departments, but also easy to clean and help to complete the regulations of food hygiene management system maintenance.
(4) the principle of easy to clean.
Kitchen equipment manufacturer, can be described as mixed, brand family workshops manufacturer of kitchen equipment that they produce very different, and some can, but very easy to clean and maintenance, such as majority and face machine cleaning are not equipped at the bottom of the weep hole, the sewage can not be ruled out, only with a cloth absorbent, clean, very convenient. The same problem, many electric frying furnace there are shortcomings in this regard. Therefore, in the purchase of equipment to choose the design simple, reasonable, easy to clean and sanitary products or do not meet food hygiene management system. Table, the work of cabinet doors to facilitate the disassembly, cleaning, and a large soup pot pot to be able to rotate the device to smooth the surface, corrosion-resistant, stable performance.
(5) the principle of timely and thoughtful service.
Kitchen production will generate a lot of smoke, plus the humidity of the kitchen, over time, the kitchen equipment is very prone to failure, if the repair is not timely, it will affect the normal operation of the hotel. Equipment sales maintenance is quick, thoughtful, often determines whether the buyer to purchase the seller’s equipment.

We have participated in a large hotel kitchen equipment bidding, and personally experience the users of the importance of after-sales service. Service number, and facilitate the use of the enterprise, the enterprise’s normal work is very favorable, natural recognition of the enterprise.
(6) cost control quality management principles.
The hotel opened its production is uninterrupted, select a different energy production costs are not the same, over time, the cost difference is very alarming. For kitchen production of energy, electricity, gas, liquefied petroleum gas, diesel, natural gas, in the choice of kitchen equipment, should be based on the actual situation of the hotel, the power size of the equipment should be based on the production of the kitchen to determine, should be select high thermal efficiency, high energy efficiency, energy consumption low equipment will help food and beverage industry cost control management, the specific choice of equipment suppliers and food and beverage managers may seek advice in this regard they have a wealth of experience.

The factors we sould consider when designing hotel kitchen

The hotel kitchen design ventilation and air conditioning to consider:

1, the hotel kitchen design kitchen stove exhaust

2, the ventilation of the kitchen, you can not make the chef feel hot

3, the smell of the kitchen can not enter the restaurant

4, needs and kitchen equipment supplier to determine

The use of the hotel kitchen design and process design, restaurants, hotels and guesthouses catering sector is extremely important. An ideal design not only allows the chef with the relevant departments to closely cooperate with an orderly, and good comfortable environment for the production of delicacies. Customers so they can get better service, and continuously improve the customers keep returning. On the contrary, the design, may be due to a shoddy equipment, appliances arrangement is unreasonable, to cause the chefs use does not go smoothly, could not sway their cooking skills to affect the products quality and after a long time will inevitably affect the reputation of the restaurant or hotel.

Therefore, the hotel kitchen design during the kitchen design, the layout of the kitchen equipment according to site conditions and the restaurant features require reasonable arrangement and design, combined with the gas company, the requirements of health and epidemic prevention, environmental protection, fire departments, kitchen equipment program adjustments, taking fully into account the actual situation of the future construction, installation and acceptance. Design the kitchen layout program should strictly abide by the following principles: established customers kitchen dishes, designed as a center; ensure that the kitchen food hygiene in strict accordance with the principles of the grid raw and cooked foods separated. Under this premise, as far as possible to shorten the delivery process, so that the road to clear; kitchen space, and work location, reasonable arrangements to ensure that the chefs are able to carry out their duties, a division of labor, increase production and quality; kitchen utensils, appliances, the layout has a reasonable space, so that the vision facilitate management; unreasonable the original device, try to transform or use of economic principles; kitchen exhaust systems, in order to maintain air circulation and sweltering as the basic goal, in order to make the kitchen a comfortable working environment ; kitchen to comply with fire safety, health, environmental regulations, to ensure safety and avoid damage. Should be aware of when choosing a design company, whether to undertake the hotel, staff canteen, as well as clubs, commercial offices, kitchen project has extensive experience with a mature package of whether the program design as well as water, electricity, ventilation, and other supporting program design process. Temporary school kitchen operations of the hotel kitchen hesitate century should be: thrift, innovation, pursuit of the best service; and become a successful chef, has a wealth of experience, experience in personnel management, public relations skills, market knowledge, financial knowledge and extraordinary creativity. Only do these kitchen management skills in an orderly, hotel career to thriving.
The hotel kitchen design process is reasonable, convenient and practical, to save labor, improve the cooks working environment for the principle, do not pursue the equipment, the more the better. Kitchen equipment and more useless, not only caused by increased investment, and take up floor space, kitchen production operation not open display, increased insecurity, but there is no need to blind pursuit of beautiful style, shape fancy.


The kitchen appliances include the following five major categories

The kitchen appliances include the following five major categories:
The first class storage appliances, is divided into two parts of the storage of food storage and utensil supplies. The food storage is divided into refrigeration and cold storage, cold storage is achieved through the kitchen refrigerator and freezer. Artifacts supplies storage for tableware, cookware, utensils and other storage space. The storage of appliances through various base cabinets, wall cabinets, corner cabinets, multi-functional decoration cabinet.
The second category is washing appliances, including hot and cold water supply systems, drainage, wash thing basin, washing lockers and washing operations in the kitchen garbage bins or health barrels, should be set, modern family kitchen should be equipped with disinfection cabinet, food garbage smash a device such as.
The third category is the conditioning appliances, including the conditioning of the table, sorting, vegetable, ingredient, modulation tools and utensils. With the advances in technology, the family kitchen food cutting machines, squeeze pressure juice machines, modulation equipment is also increasing.
The fourth category is the cooking utensils, stoves, stove and cooking tools and utensils. With the process of revolution in the kitchen, electric cookers. High-frequency induction cooker, microwave ovens, microwave ovens and other began into the family.
The fifth category is dining utensils, including restaurant furniture and eating utensils, and utensils.
Kitchen machinery: dishwashers, washing vegetables machine, dumpling machine, pressing machine, and noodle machine, dumpling meat grinder, meat grinders, rice washing machine, pasta machines, ice machines, juice machines, blenders, soybean milk ice cream machine, cone machines, coffee machines, vacuum cooling machine and so on.
(2) kitchen equipment: exhaust pipe, exhaust equipment, continuous frying machine, flip the pan automatic wok, knives plate sterilizing cabinet, rice production lines, tableware soak tank, console, wind grilled line, universal point oven, washing trough, dish washing, safe deposit boxes, storage cabinets, storage racks, dining, cooking utensils, metal frame, rods, hooks, cutlery metal frame, rods, hooks, seasoning box, seasoning box, spice rack, cooking utensils racks.
3. Kitchen cutlery: ceramic tableware, plastic tableware, stainless steel cutlery, bamboo tableware, gold and silver utensils, copper and tin utensils, gold lacquer dinnerware, West tableware, cutlery, wine, tea, coffee and so on.
Kitchen cookware: frying pan, Chao Shao, steamer, soup, casseroles, pot, pans, non-stick, steamer, steamer, pressure cooker and so on.
The kitchen stove: range hoods, gas stoves, oil furnace, gas stove, electric stove, oven oven, alcohol stove, charcoal stove.
Kitchen appliances: electric cooker, microwave oven, water boiler, cooker, disinfecting cabinet, refrigerator, freezer, freezers, water purifier, exhaust fan, water dispenser, kitchen appliances and materials and accessories and so on. Kitchen cabinets: stainless steel cabinets, wooden cabinets, fireproof board cabinets, steel cabinets, the whole cabinet, the whole kitchen, integrated kitchen cabinet table, plates and accessories, etc.. Kitchen ancillary facilities and supplies: fast-food restaurant tables and chairs, bar furniture, faucets, tablecloth, tablecloths, lighting fixtures, switches, decorations, fruit baskets, vegetable baskets, etc.. .

Kitchen equipment configuration knowledge

First, the kitchen equipment layout principles:
1, in line with environmental requirements of Fire health, namely: (1) Food and utensils production, storage should be done separate raw and cooked, separate the dirt with clean material, hot and cold separately. (2) Fuel, gas regulator, switching station separate from the operating area, and equipped with appropriate fire-fighting facilities. (3) is higher than 300 ° C pipes with combustible crude distance ≥ 0.5M. (4) without purification of fumes from the exhaust port must be higher than the tallest buildings in the vicinity of 0.5M.
2, we should make full use of existing installations, facilities, terrain, so that each partition has a reasonable space, vision, facilitate management of the aisle unimpeded.
Should fully understand the user-established dishes, all the arrangements, the arrangement of all this oriented.
Second, project design must be mastered first-hand information
A user-established dishes and number of the largest meal, which is the main basis of the layout design, major equipment, quantity, type can be determined according to this.
2, the user can supply energy: such as boiler steam, diesel, gas type, power supply (220V/380V)
3, the kitchen planar structure, size, map and space height chart.
4, the user’s basic requirements: If the pipe toward the sewage outfall, fan positioning.
Side to understand the user investment.
Divided into three, kitchen work area, function, major equipment configuration
1, the standard Chinese restaurant is divided into:
(1) operating area: kitchen floor plan and equipment configuration, and some can be divided into red case operating area, cooking, baking area, its function is to meet the established cuisine, cooking process requirements.
(2) the roughing District: its function is to put off the leaves, roots, stems circumstances, fish open raw, initial processing.
(3) finishing garnish District: Its function is to rough food restructuring, the deployment of suitable cuisine requirements.
(4) white case area: its function is to harmonize the food flour, pressing, craft mosaic, platter.
(5) cold spell District: its function is not heating food can be eaten directly, opening bottles, cutting system, parquet, platters and so on.
(6) Decontamination areas: its function is to the plate for cleaning, disinfection and storage.
(7) Frozen: used for raw, cooked and easy deterioration of food storage.
(8) Warehouse District: for rice, flour, and other non-perishable food.
2, the partition of major equipment in the Chinese restaurant and configuration:
(1) operating area:
Cantonese-style kitchen, dishes cooking process cooking, roast meat (grilled) lo and fry four processes simultaneously, the emphasis on roast meat and cooking, the operating area of ​​the necessary equipment: fried stove, steam heaters, intestinal pink stove, soup stove, the shorties stove, the roast suckling pig furnace, duck furnace, steam stoves or steam heaters, steam cabinet.
Sichuan kitchen, dishes cooking process mainly to stir, simmer, steam, supplemented by its operating area of ​​the necessary equipment: a strong blast speculation kitchen, Clay Pot Furnace, steam boiler or steam steamer shorties furnace.
, Kitchen equipment layout of the heating equipment and the number of estimates:
1, the first condition of the kitchen layout to meet the cooking process requirements, try to avoid the cold, hot cross, cleaning materials and dirt cross strive each work area to the nearest job.
A full understanding of the kitchen space, the orientation of the flat terrain, the layout of the heating equipment should strive to ensure the hoods, fresh air system is less curved, from the short, easy to install.
3 the number of major equipment, engineering design, the proposed budget:
(1) fried stove:
a banquet meal type as the main restaurant or morning tea restaurant
    Fire Eye = dining table / 5
(b) to zero off the main Sichuan Restaurant
    The fire eye = meal number / 40-50
c forces, schools
Fire Eye = dining / number 100
Number of large stove = / 200-300
(2) steaming cabinet, Steam Cooker:
The single door steaming cabinet available for 250-300 people staple food for 100-150 people steamed, three-tier steamer oven available for 50-100 people steamed or 30-50 staple food.
(3) other heating equipment: Under normal circumstances, less than 200 people in the restaurant other heating equipment should not exceed 2 units / species

How to select kitchen equipments?

The kitchen equipment is placed in the kitchen or for cooking equipment, tools, collectively referred to. Usually used for kitchen equipment, including appliances such as: gas stove, electric stove, microwave or oven, flow management units, sink or dishwasher, as well as food-storage equipment such as: refrigerators, freezers, etc.. Usually used for kitchen equipment, including appliances such as: gas stove, electric stove, microwave or oven, flow management units, sink or dishwasher, as well as food-storage equipment such as: refrigerators, freezers, etc..
Classification of kitchen equipment
A storage device, divided into two major storage of food storage and utensil supplies. The food storage is divided into refrigeration and cold storage, cold storage is achieved through the kitchen, refrigerators, freezers and other equipment. Storage facilities of various base cabinets, wall cabinets, corner cabinets, multi-functional decoration cabinet.
Garbage, washing equipment, including hot and cold water supply systems, drainage, wash thing basin, washing lockers etc. operations in the kitchen after washing, should be set to the trash or health, barrels and other modern family kitchen should also be equipped with disinfection cabinets, food waste grinding equipment.
Conditioning equipment, conditioning of the table, sorting, vegetable, ingredient, modulation tools and utensils.
4, cooking equipment, mainly stoves, stove and cooking tools and utensils. As the process of revolution in the kitchen, electric cookers, high-frequency induction cookers, microwave ovens, microwave ovens in large quantities into the family.
Hoods purchase
Range hood is complete the essential kitchen utensils cooking accessory products, mainly vertical peace horizontal two vertical range hood has a low noise, no leakage, low power consumption, easy removable and washable and other advantages, the exhaust gas higher than the flat horizontal more than 30 percent sewage rate of 95% is particularly suitable for use in the kitchen of the kitchen, dining room integration.
The principle of purchase of kitchen equipment
A health principle of kitchen equipment have the ability to resist pollution, in particular, is to have the function to prevent cockroaches, rodents, ants and other contaminated food, in order to ensure the intrinsic quality of the kitchen equipment.
2, the fire surface of the principles of kitchen equipment should have fire resistance, regular kitchen equipment manufacturers of kitchen equipment surface materials all use non-combustible, flame-retardant materials.
3, the principle of convenience to the kitchen operation to have a reasonable process, the design of the kitchen equipment, according to the correct process to design various parts of the arrangement, easy to use is very important for future Then there are the stove’s height, wall cabinet location have a direct impact on the ease of use, ergonomic principles and kitchen operating procedures kitchen equipment.
And aesthetic principles of kitchen equipment requires not only the shape, color feast for the eyes, and have persistent, thus requiring it easier for pollution prevention, clean performance.
Improved technology of the kitchen equipment
Kitchen equipment surface materials mainstream HPL, HPL improved not only dazzling, heat-resistant, more durable performance significantly improved, a change in the past quality weak impression.

The importance of routine maintenance of kitchen equipment

The kitchen equipment has the benefits of regular maintenance:

Advance the establishment of a complete set of equipment files, eliminating the trouble after the routine maintenance of replacement parts, accurately find the best match parts.

Stoves are often on a regular basis to clean up the stove coke, can protect the status of the fire combustion value, improve work efficiency.

Regular maintenance of refrigeration equipment, allows devices have the best operating results, eliminating the power consumption, poor cooling effect, burn out the compressor and impact of the work, the consequences of increased energy consumption, extend the period of use of the equipment.

Hood, soot pipe, smoking, regular cleaning of the cabinet can support equipment for the best effect, to prevent fires and other serious security risks.

Regular maintenance of electric equipment, the timely detection of failure of the line, exempt from sudden failure occurred, often in key parts of lubrication to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, extend equipment life.

Maintenance projects: a variety of restaurants, companies, factories, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, offices, groups, canteens, and other kitchen kitchen appliances, electric kitchen equipment, refrigerator, refrigerator, dishwasher, ice maker, coffee furnace,

Ovens, mixers, slicing machines, air conditioners, and other food processing machinery.

Maintenance of the project: the clean-up of a variety of kitchen utensils, stoves, gas pipelines, the valve leak detection on a regular basis, a variety of

Electrical equipment, refrigeration equipment, electrical wiring inspection and pressure testing.

Cleaning projects: kitchen hoods, smoke pipe, the exhaust gas cabinets, ventilation equipment, electrostatic soot equipment, refrigeration

Equipment cooling system.

Sales Project: supply all kinds of kitchen utensils, dishes, utensils. Provide a variety of kitchen accessories, refrigeration equipment, accessories, electric food machinery parts, imported equipment, accessories, refractory bricks, fire clay, etc..

Basic equipments required to open a coffee shop.

1.A grinder system:
Italian MAZZER the Super Jolly, grinders one in Italy Rancilio Rocky grinder one (spare grinder is optional)
Large flat-panel brush a (clean operating table), professional cleaning of the grinder brush two (clean coffee grinder)
2, the water purification system: (this is very important must have, and the inner core should be changed regularly)
American 3M cafe a water purifier, 8L softener (including supporting the connecting pipe and elbow) just reference brand, you can choose domestic brands, but the quality is better
Third, the coffee machine system
Double-headed semi-automatic coffee machine in La cimbali M29 Italy a (matching coffee brew handle: double two single copies of a non-porous filter a)
3. brew handle a (qualified), the coffee machine a pressure gauge (measurement within the boiler pressure), black tea brew handle a (qualified), a pressure powder feeder (press brew size of the handle to buy: with pressed powder with the coffee machine, you can do not have to purchase another)
Coffee thermometer two 1000ml coffee pull the flower cup a 600ml coffee cup two garlands, 350ml coffee cup two garlands, manual double-layer foam 450ml pot two 1.5-ounce coffee glass measuring cup 4, electronic a timer (may not deserve), coffee grounds barrels a (preferably purchased or homemade large-size slag bucket), the brew head and special long-handled brush to a (plastic or steel brush), the brew handle cleaning brush only (the brush width is less than 50mm)
Italian boiler cleaning tablets, in Italy the brew head recoil powder (a barrel)
Adjustable live a wrench (0-30mm) long screwdriver to a clamp replacement), work knife one (available American Letterman multi-purpose tool (blade length about 8cm, one-handed ax, lining locks: Recommended for domestic three blade wooden or production Butterfly)
If you repair to the equipment of the above can be ignored and go directly to the sales Daily repair, please take good care of your coffee machine ~
4, seasoning Taiwan
Support a number of syrup drawn mouth (use the same brand of the syrup), syrups, Block number of syrup (depending on the number of fixed, can be made), three sauces pumping mouth (with the same brand of the sauce), metal wine mouth only, sub- chocolate spices (placement of napkins, sugar packets, stirring rod can be made), the large double-layer steel ice bucket one (such as bar dedicated ice slot may not deserve), a medium stainless steel ice scraper, ice folder a, 1L cream gun of a number of support (depending on the number of flavored cream), the 1.5L Minnesota gun several support 550ml steel snow grams of pot two, 750ml steel snow grams of pot a Boston tune the flagon two ( may not deserve), long-handled the adjust spoon two (length about 25cm), Western spoon two cocktail tune spoon two steel the amount of wine vessel a 1.5L juice barrel several (Recommended Korea LOCK & LOCK), cocktail side box of salt a cocktail to fight guns a can opener set, measuring spoon set (four sets), sugar water bottles only, the seasoning box set, cruet of a number of large glial trash one.

5, Sink & cleaning slot
Tap a pure taps a long-running water faucet one (can not worthy), the long-running water then sink a (not deserve), electric cup brush (double) a, Amway detergent spray cans, a hand sanitizer bottle a speed hot water heater (clean, may not deserve)

6, the refrigeration equipment
A four horizontal commercial freezer, 60kg ice machine one (requires access to purified water), vertical freezer (360L above, may not deserve), ice cream cabinet (can be leased, without self-purchase, with one or two of ice cream spoon), a cake fresh cabinet (length 1.5M above, with the cake folder and cake shovel)

7, beverage equipment
CNC continuous-type water heater, the United States produced two of the Hamilton Beach HBH650 smoothies machine, beverage cooler of a number (depending on the product, such as the need may not deserve)

8. meals equipment
Cooker two, a microwave, oven a 30L more than a commercial rice cooker (30 more), steak grilled plate (electric), Electric Fryer (dual slot) a muffin machine, two , a sandwich maker, 9-inch flat Western pot set (pot, steamer, wok, etc.), Western Chao Shao a Western tool set, two cutting boards (raw and cooked separately), range hoods, Lid stainless steel bucket (10L) two mesh colander set.

New hamburger baking machine

Model: GF-212

Specifications: 410 × 700 × 330mm

Rated voltage: 220V/50HZ

Rated power: 2KW

The hamburger baking machine designed specifically for heating bread (can also be heated bread, each drying / heating 12 hamburger) to make hamburgers to increase the taste and aroma, its principle is to use the smell of raw materials in high temperature short time heating hamburger bake without losing the proper moisture, so as to achieve the purpose of soft hamburger surface crispy.

The introduction of European and American design and manufacturing technology, health and safety, precision temperature control, automatic timer, buzzer reminder, low energy consumption, saving power, for Western-style fast-food restaurants.
1, the U.S. imports ICM solid-time, automatic timing, non-contact, adjustable 20-90 seconds, reliable and durable.
2, an importer of German EGO thermostat (temperature control accurate and correct, the actual temperature and set temperature within 2 degrees to ensure you bake bread Pi consistent quality);

3, with buzzer reminder, buzzer U.S. imports.
4, cast aluminum heating plate, American Teflon coated, non-toxic, non-stick package. Uniform heating (factory manufactured products undergo a rigorous testing), such as uneven, while scorched the other side has not been cooked, thus affecting the quality of the product and beautiful. Heating plate temperature is adjustable up to 200 ℃.
5, the heating plate and the lower aluminum sheet gap is adjustable for different thickness of hamburger.

6, The hamburger baking machine under normal use, free warranty year, heating plate, temperature control, timer, buzzer, etc. Paul five years;

7, the well-known Western-style fast food brand “Oude Long Happy McCann Supreme Hamburg” and so has the Company

How to use and maintence the bain marie?

Instructions for use bain marie:

1, should be used to keep the pot of water surface height is greater than a depth of 1/4 pot, then the maximum depth of more than 2/3 pot.

2, close the power switch, yellow light, and the current had already been used to this furnace, and then clockwise rotary thermostat to the desired temperature at the location of the white line, then green heating light yellow thermostat indicator interest rates, said heating tube, the pot of water to heat up, when water temperature began to rise to the desired temperature, the thermostat can automatically cut off power, while the green light goes out, the yellow light. When the water temperature as low as the set temperature, the thermostat action, connected to the heating tube, then the green light, yellow light goes. Heating pipe work, water temperature increases, and so forth cycle work to ensure that the water temperature constant temperature within a set range.

3,  bain marie after the counter-clockwise rotary thermostat to limit the location, cut off the power to ensure safety.

4, pot shield to protect the heating tube, when in use, the shield must be placed in the pot.

Cleaning and maintenance:

1, in order to make the machine safe, durable, users should regularly to remove dirt material on the residue and heating tube in the water solution, in order to maintain long-term water and electric pipes are clean. Do not use long-term in a dirty state, to prevent the impact of the life of the bain marie.

2, emptied the pot of water should wait until the water temperature decreases to room temperature, first clapboard remove, cut off the power, then the control box up to remove and put them in a dry place, raised the pot to clean.

Cleaning and maintenance Do not use metal utensils, cloth soft, clean body, so that the body to maintain the clean state.

4, which prohibits direct water to wash the chassis! Otherwise allow water to seep, destroy the electrical properties, affect the product work properly.