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Lottu Commercial Gas Fryers,Electric Fryers make your catering business successful

Lottu, one of the leading manufacturer of food service equipment, to provide a variety of foods that are high volume day, wide pan. Lottu fryer is often the most important investment of a commercial kitchen, because they are necessary for a variety of menu items, and provides strong potential return on investment. The pot can produce a variety of delicious snacks and food, French fries, desserts, funnel cakes, onion blossom. The fryer has a sound alarm, cooked or browned, automatic device, to improve and become lower into the oil, oil filter, basket, to extend the life of the oil to prevent food debris, mechanical or electronic control timer.

Lottu fried types of Lottu Gas Fryer

Natural gas or propane gas from the Lottu electric fryer, maximize productivity, and saves time in order to match the operating requirements of any size. With millivolt systems, these gases pot does not require electrical hook. It provides maximum energy efficiency and shorten the cooking time.

Lottu electric fryer

Electric Lottu deep fryer, which is powered by electricity is used for fried foods minutes. This is the restaurant of any type, in order to meet their cooking needs easily the ideal choice. Lottu electric deep fryer, including a large viewing windows, seal the lid, a basket placed on the finished product, light alarm, the oil fried ready to immerse the food. A commercial electric fryer is easy to clean interior, by the heavy non-stick surface of the aluminum body and adjustable thermostat to select the desired frying temperature. Lottu Electric Fryer is the energy efficiency of air than the fire fryer, easy to maintain a clean environment, and fried.

Lottu fried the significance Energy consumption

Energy Star certification Lottu frying pan provides unparalleled energy efficiency and quick cooking. The high efficiency Lottu fried gas and electricity model was found to have more than 15% of the efficiency of the standard model. It uses less heat units, saving energy costs, while maintaining the same quality of heating.
Enhanced temperature control

Several fire air pot to use millivolt temperature control system, to produce the advanced version of the flame by a standing pilot, a waste of gas solid-state electronic ignition control circuit, caused by sparks up to the flame of the fryer, allowing users to Open fryer Close. Users can easily pre-planned to idle the most advanced control, lower temperature solid-state computer-controlled type of help. It includes a built-in timer and idle frustration and programmable controls to ensure that completely fried food at the right temperature. Fryer is not used, this type of control, saving energy costs.


Add a variety to your menu, these versatile Lottu pot and enjoy like onion rings, french fries, dessert, chicken, and funnel cakes, dumplings, Buffalo wings, fried food in the restaurant kitchen cooking tradition! Depend on the reliable Lottu, test and prove the delicious fried food frying pan. Lottu pot is the best choice for your commercial kitchen!

Buying western kitchen equipment guides

Not a simple “go” has become a pedestrian street in the cooler … at least not in the first. Receive and install a new addition to your restaurant or business, you are more likely to by from the mental fatigue.

But do not let this stop you to buy one. Walk in refrigeration units, convenient, and often commercial kitchen necessary. Although an overwhelming process, it is important to you all the dotted line and T across, ordering units in the foot, because even the tiniest detail can affect the result. The key is to work with your seller, and ensure that their information, they need to give you what you need.

Masterbilt unit installed in the walk from the external or internal? into the cooler and walk-style freezer with different parts of the panel is locked when it rains, water can leak through these seams, if the unit is outside. outdoor walking units for this purpose rain cover, which is a rubber cover on a flat roof.

Last but not least is the installation of the refrigeration unit. You can choose remote refrigeration evaporator is located inside the unit, while the condenser is installed on the roof or outside of the box. another choices is dropped, there will be a complete refrigeration unit installed in the walk box. Remember, the condenser will have hot air blown into the closed areas of work, especially if the unit is installed in the building. hot air , so that workers can not only uncomfortable, but can also reduce the efficiency of the refrigeration units, and increase your energy costs.

There are many other options, walking in the door ramps, skirting board and the temperature warning, which everything will depend on your unique needs and budget, such as refrigeration cooler or freezer for a walk is no small expenditure, major manufacturers, such as Masterbilt and Kolpak will need a blueprint for the well-off sign to protect their legal responsibility, which is why it is important to double and triple check your information, so you do not have to repeat twice this exhausting process.

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What kinds of stainless steel are lottu equipment used:comparison between 201 and 304 stainless steel

Could we ask if you have strict quality demand on kitchen equipment which was made of stainless steel? Do you know what is the difference between 201 and 304 s/s ?

LOTTU can give you the answer :

201 stainless steel :Acid proof & alkali proof with high density, it is the good material for metal cover & lid product and also the nice material for case’s surface such as kitchen refrigerator.It is widely used in decoration tube, some industrial pipe or kitchen s/s product such as sinks,shelves.

304 stainless steel :304 is the model named by American, it was produced strictly and it meets Amercian ASTM standard. Japanese called it SUS 304 .Compare to 201, 304 has more advantages.

1. Strong rust-preventing ability and high temperature resistance [ Max : 650°C ]
2. High performance of anti-corrodibility for organic & inorganic acids.
We must say 304 stainless steel is the wonderful material for kitchen equipment.

Our concerning :Maybe you will encounter such a supplier who tell you they can provide you with kitchen equipment made of 304 but eventually they just produce your request product with 201. But nothing you can say if you don’t know how to recognize it. Frankly speaking, we sincerely hope every customer can buy good quality product from China.

Solution:LOTTU would like to tell you that there is a kind of pharmaceutical liquid which can recognize 201 and 304. The picture is showing one of our customers who is using the chemical liquid to test the stainless steel,if the s/s is 304, there will be no reaction. If the color change into red within 3-5 seconds, then it proves that it is not made of 304 s/s, it should be 201 s/s or other bad quality material. We can provide you with this chemical liquid to test our product.

How to use and maintance the smokeless barbeque stove

1, should be checked prior to use whether connected to the canned LPG pipeline, and whether received in prison before being used.
Poured into the appropriate water to residue basin to maintain a certain amount of water to prevent drying. If the water is dry, to extract the stove chassis, then add water.
3, open the gas valve, press the left rotary electronic ignition switch, ignite the burner (burner plate) should be let go, can adjust the size of the fire.
Lit confirm: ignition, the tap switch to the left twist, showing a bunch of flames onto the burner plate, the entire burner plate lit. No pale blue flame burning board, this is not lit, please re-ignition until lit. The surface of the burner plate is beginning to be found in the thin flame about one minute after the flame gradually receded, the performance is no open flame, red hot.
After use, turn off the gas source switch and the ignition switch.
A transit Handle with care, not inverted, on its side, pressure, severe vibration, so as to avoid damage. Due to severe vibration, bumps infrared barbecue stove burner plate (burner) off phenomenon, please do not panic, board recovery can be (slightly pressed down the hole sheet iron to card board, the board of the hollow cylinder head put can also be under the swap board the middle of the screws, hollow cylinder head of the board into the hole sheet iron, and then fixed screws can be.) 2, the gas grill series uses low pressure valve (such as: household gas tank valve), prohibit the use of medium-pressure valve or pressure valve.
Found that leak, you should immediately turn off the gas valve, and find the maintenance department to repair and then use (in the case of small problems can be solved in general repair gas stove).
, BBQ, should avoid arbitrarily dumped the water, dumped the oil, to prevent the oil droplets in the combustion board, or else have some fumes.
5, the top of the barbecue grill grid, the wire structure in a long time high temperature roasting process, will occur the thermal expansion and contraction of the physical reactions, become a little soft, or there is a slight distortion, this is a normal phenomenon. Limit the maximum temperature of the grill, definitely not the barbecue grid Shaorong blown barbecue grid deformation, just a little toggle tool centralizer can be, and the deformation after the end of the barbecue, barbecue The grid will automatically cooling recovery. Of course, if you need more solid barbecue grid, made of pure steel grid in street hardware store, the network is not easily deformed.
6, the barbecue process, the stove must have water at the bottom, not dry.
7, with a fan grill, fan boot time: generally 70cm – 1.2 meters of the grill with fan (side fan). With a fan grill, fan turn-on time, as the infrared board to the red ignition ignite open better. 3 – 5 minutes after the selectable fire open fan. The role of the fan: to the grill of the combustion chamber hair, conveying air (oxygen), combustion of liquefied petroleum gas, the secondary circulation avoid a little incomplete combustion of liquefied petroleum gas wasted.
Cleaning and maintenance
1, cleaning and maintenance should turn off the electronic ignition switch, to prevent an accident.
, Clean residue pots out of cleaning the furnace surface, wipe with a wet towel.
BBQ for a long time, the food debris easily accumulate should always pay attention to the cleaning of the combustion plate performance, to avoid clogging, the available needle out regular checks of the ceramic burner plate micropore clogging.
Water, avoid cleaning the stove, directly affect the burner life.

How to buy right catering appliance for your restaurant?

As you are looking to implement into your facility to replace or commercial restaurant within the choices to be made are many. Even to the point, it can give you a feel overwhelmed. You will need to ensure it is suitable for the size and shape of your space. These are the easy choice, because it is trying to find out what features you’ll need and use the best products in front of your customers become more complex.

We hope to give you a good start, before the start of your quest to find a new commercial restaurant range. Here are some useful information to help you:

The difference between the duty restaurant range and heavy-duty restaurant range of restaurant
In so many varieties of commercial range, so that they can adapt to the restaurant, they will demand. Two varieties Restaurant and heavy. Hotels, hospitals, schools, institutions and high-volume restaurant use of heavy-duty units. They have a higher energy output and reduce the cooking time. Most restaurants and chains can be high quality, the restaurant is responsible units.

This heavy duty units with the durability of the gas valve, allowing for easier combination with other components. They can batteried co-founder of high-capacity kitchen units. These units are built to withstand intense usage and costs up to the front and service fees. In addition, higher energy output, which means there will be higher energy costs.

Restaurant-duty commercial range is suitable as an independent model BTU and power levels close to the heavy standard, but for an affordable price. They spend less, and has a lower service fee. Nevertheless, these are more expensive to install and not be able to withstand intense, and the use of heavy units.

Restaurant within the configuration
Seem endless when it comes to how to create a number of configuration of your restaurant. You can change the number of the burner, add the screen at the top or the French burner to add to your unit. In addition, you can choose as the implementation of the convection oven standard oven base.

Open the gas burner
The open gas burner commercial range is the best choice for most professional kitchen, and provides instantaneous hot, it is easy to control. Looking for easily removable top grate, flame height, ring or star for each burner burner and individual indicator.

While not a burner, you can select a range of top of the screen. A grill can make the entire top or just half of it, while the other half of the shares of the burner. A screen is a flat metal plate made of steel, cast iron or aluminum, and food is cooked directly on the top. Therefore, allowing a number of food items to cook at the same time. In order to facilitate the clean-up, you will want a large oil tank. In addition, the manual valve within the control of the restaurant a user-friendly appearance for the user to adjust the temperature control, precise temperature control thermostat control and non-stick or an experienced surface.

Other Considerations
Most units of the stake sale, it is strongly recommended that the castors for easy cleaning and service. In addition, at altitudes above 2000 m range, we must note that when ordering. Gas valve must be adjusted to account for the high altitude.

With any gas appliance, be sure to include a new AGA commercial gas flexible hose. They have designed a very heavy, usually with brass quick connect. Standards, plumbers provide family flexible hose is not designed business applications and NSF approved.

Waffle Baker With Removable Plates Is very Useful for Snack Bar

As you can imagine to buy a waffle iron with removable plates, the benefits are enormous. They may spend a little more mold than any other waffle irons, but well worth the money, especially if you make muffins all the time. Has a removable plate waffle iron the most obvious benefit is easy to clean. There are several brands, such as Black and Decker, Cuisinart, and Sunbeam removable plate waffle irons. Even George Foreman grill choose to purchase for their popular barbecue muffin pan.

Removable waffle plates, so that the clean-up compared to other models, including screen does not come out, in addition to the breeze. Most waffle irons electrical, home appliances can not be submerged in water, so that the clean-up work to become more difficult. Most of the time you have, which is time-consuming, if you need to clean up indentation on each muffin, waffle baking pan, wipe with a damp cloth. Removable panels allow you to sink to the waffle iron, and quickly rinse with water. Them on a towel or dish drainer, dry air, which is multi-wipe clean with a towel.

Another advantage is that the waffle iron with a removable plate, some brands, such as the CUISINART or George Foreman actually a number of appliances, because they are different styles of plate. CUISINART in 1 Griddler, 5 with interchangeable plates, waffle iron, it can be open to all types of panini press, pan pancakes, bacon and other barbecue cook meat. This is the CUISINART Griddler multi-point than the typical waffle iron, but the expensive price below $ 100, you get five different appliances. The CUISINART also on a good appliance warranty behind their products.

Finally, with a removable plate of my favorite muffin Iron Black and Decker muffin Baker. It has a retro look, take you back to the 1950s or 1960s, the old, chrome housing and square. As long as you see it, muffins memories would flood back to you in your mother or grandmother. Black and Decker muffin Baker grill and baking sheet to make all types of sandwiches and other breakfast foods. Plate Interchange is easy, of course, clean up is a breeze. A small warning of this muffin iron, housing is chrome and not hot when heated. I remember as a child, this is all real chrome style in our kitchen appliances.

Make Delicious Crepes For Your Customer With The Lottu Crepe Maker

A Krampouz crepe manufacturer’s purpose is to enable everyone to enjoy any time of day, homemade pizza. This is also the crepe to make the enterprise a lot of money from the people who look at things.

Pancake machine, under normal circumstances, in different forms. Kind of looks like an inverted frying pan above the concave frying pan. The manufacturer of this type of crepe chef actually dips a hot, flat surface, and heated on the stove before the crepe batter. The results found batter crepe films screen at the top of the form. The chefs will have just turned over so that the manufacturer, he can start coking crepe stove top. The crape machines of other types of electric vehicles, looks like another flat and round on the heating element of a standard screen. The chef is inverted sieve into a small amount of batter, then spread the batter.

If you want to use a more modern and quality crepe pan, you might want to try Krampouz crepe manufacturers. The Krampouz company is located in Brittany, France, this pizza. krampouz for residential and commercial purposes since 1949, has been producing quality and standard crepe makers. In addition to the crepe machines, they also provide a wide range of equipment to make pancakes, muffins and blinis, ice cream wafers, and tortillas. Krampouz crepe machine on the heat distribution attaches great importance to a stable temperature, and comfortable working conditions, to ensure that everyone crepe manufacturers will have satisfactory results, all the time.

Krampouz crepe manufacturers generally have the patent Krampouz batter spreader functions. This particular crepe machine has a very stylish appearance, and the ability of Japanese fine pizza in a very short period of time. The elements of this particular crepe machine is 13 inches screen with non-stick surface, flexible thermostat, lights, plastic batter spreader, wooden shovel, plastic spoons, water bottles, cleaning brush, everyone loves a useful recipe to eat The pizza is to ensure the enjoyment. All of these things together, it is most useful kitchen utensils, everyone should seek to have.

Usually Krampouz crepe recommended by the manufacturer in the professional kitchen. This is because this particular crepe machine has advanced thermal uniformity of equally distributing the heat through the entire surface, of course, this is very important to the success of crepe decision-making ability. Krampouz crepe machine is a very useful every family kitchen appliances, their professionalism, making it ideal crepe manufacturers crepe companies use. And, because it has a non-stick frying pan, it will be an easier cleaning than other crepe manufacturer’s brand in the market. Therefore, if you want to make one of your favorite food, earn money, you should try Krampouz crepe machine to bring smiles and faces of the people.