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Salamander would have been asking me to make my friend, excellent pets. Before answering his question, I 4 my passion my “Whatever you do you in? Kind pet do you want to do”, which is to take care of salamander from a few years ago, said It has grown from a love of exotic animals such as amphibians legged. If the person you are to become an exotic animal, Salamander would make great pets in your home. Some of the salamander care tips, your pet, it is to keep healthy all the time or less.

Tips for Caring for the salamander:

Build a house close to their natural habitat – the number one chip

If you have a salamander, that you’re living in the wild closely now, making a home for them is very important, you are it they can live me this is that there might be between what is guaranteed to breed. But I want to own your salamander to be able to build the right side of the tank for them please make sure that you are aware of a kind.

When you create a home for your salamander, you will be able to start in a tank made of plastic or glass. And also, part of the cave of the tree in the tank and hide, you have, they are areas that can be added to the plant either live or plastic adding possibility, rocks, and plants You, your job is that I want to create a place where I can look at it is.

Protect themselves from the risk of all – tip number 2

Please do not forget to provide a cover for your salamander tank. To prevent them from escaping, this cover, please ensure that the motherboard fits firmly on top of the tank. Please select the mesh in order to keep the temperature of the lid of the plastic, instead of the water in the tank. Of course, please do not forget to create the air vents to allow the internal flow of oxygen.

I am important reminder that you should be careful:

- Alienate your salamander from potential predators such as cats and dogs like that always like that.

There are a number of aspects, you need to drop out of the skin, take notes.

- Degeneracy of the skin, it is possible to restrict the blood flow to other parts of their body.

Soft, warm water and soak the area of the massage, I remove the skin.

Tip number 3 – handle with care

Since there is a possibility that they get sick easily, it is not recommended that you play with your Salamander. Their skin is very sensitive, you can keep them with bare hands, the fact can be very dangerous, that comes from your skin, they are the salt and oil substance with make your inflammation that occurs there.

Even if you want to own a rare animal as a pet, it is not enough to know that you have the full capacity for you to take care of them. In addition, there is a need to provide a suitable environment for you to survive, nutrition of those they accurate you need to know the basic information about the salamander before you decide to get one.

Your tips above you, you are a few things you need to learn more about the care of salamander came out some guidelines proven way to handle the salamander just your effectively still . Please make sure that you go to your favorite pet store, you are willing, once, to add another member to your family enough and ready.