Why are the Americans so love to eat hot dogs? I suggest that Americans buy a hot dog grill so you can eat a lot of hot dogs at home

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, is rarely fire excuse for barbecue, enjoy with friends and family, hamburgers and hot dogs. And with good reason.
They are delicious, affordable, and widely accepted, regardless of the occasion. I did a quick web search found that the average American consumes about 68 hot dogs. Hot dog the Hamburg consumption circle compared to the average American about three times a week, mocking every year about 150 Hamburg eat a hamburger.
As a child, it just does not seem to get any more than a backyard pool party, and the smell of food cooking burgers and dogs on the grill. I may not have all of my adult teeth, but I also have a strict standard, if I want to enjoy grillables no fuss.
Hamburg will need to always not less than medium well cooked, the trend is doing very well. The Bun Festival proportional to the size of the relative Hamburg, because I do not care about a good bun, hamburger meat without training wheels best gently roasted on the grill. If I had to use the condiments, ketchup is acceptable, but the mustard is out of the question.
If we get a package burger drive-through, they best not to commit this error add any kind of vegetables like something my burger, otherwise I would consider a suitable cast, if I think it will be what benefits. Otherwise, I will do my best toppings Close scraping, but as a child, it is almost impossible to scrape off unnecessary mustard taste.
I’m not picky about hot dogs. My parents would order them (let them) “works,” it is clear that the “works” of something we all know, but I must be absent that day, when it is to teach in the summer swimming lessons.
In the New England region, the works turned out to be a simple mustard, relish, sauerkraut. I do not learn until later in life, but my choice of hot dog condiments – ketchup – almost sacrileges Order dog. Fortunately, my parents to protect me laugh at the guy in the position of the paper hats Hot Dog Grill.
I’m not picky, the Hamburg and dog toppings. But I still miss the fun memories of a simple meal induced. I do not know how I can put back the fun of burgers and dogs, this is what I came up with:
I am never a fan of cheese Hamburg as a child, but enjoy today. I think, if I put inside the cheeseburger, it will make an interesting surprise. I am trying to get stuffed cheeseburger a few months ago, but somehow I did not get the effect I want.
This time, I tried a new approach, and I kind of impromptu stuffing Hamburg. I put fresh ground beef, the weight of the part of a quarter of a pound. I could not figure out how I will stuff hamburger, while maintaining the traditional round. I clean out my stuff, like a Hamburg shape, cabinets, robot seize a medium-sized ramekin onto the half did not think of it at the bottom of hamburger meat. I think I can form two loaves of bread, and then let the the surrounding meat sandwiches cheese.
Somehow, a better solution to rise to the top. I just put the cheese in the ramekin toward the center of the meat, and then the pressure in the above ground down the other half of the beef. I press firmly, and I hope it will surround the cheese and any air bubbles. This is my first attempt, I do not know whether it is working. The seizure seems evenly into anything like a regular hamburger, not too much trouble.
The ramekin is another story. I do not have any non-stick spray on the spray before molding. Be sure to do so, or loose with plastic wrap line, if you intend to try. After a small hand shaping and some seasonings, sitting on deck circle strengthen the barbecue.
I tried to the stylish Hot Dog Grill like poodle, it can expand that let Nestle things, relish and other items. I spent the wooden skewers, and down through the center of the dog until the end. String to use as a template, not cut, I ran through the dog with a knife in a circular motion, rotating around and around until it is cut off from the end-to-end. I think dogs mysterious part of the meat is cut into millions, but to my surprise, it is the complete lack of, when I remove the string.
I cooked burgers and dogs on the grill the same time, about 10 minutes. Hamburg directly grilled on the grate, just like any other burger. These dogs are cooked a little close the coal rack and bake until golden brown indirectly. Them to do so, from the tiny hole, I can not compacted enough, a little bit of cheese Hamburg leaked.
I cut into Hamburg, I am glad to see a volcano pepper Jack cheese oozing bun and disk, create surprise, I was after. The dogs did not disappoint, the shape of the flower is conducive to all the condiments, I shunned as a child.
Although I still do not like mustard on my burger, bring to eat burgers and dogs nostalgic memories of backyard barbecue.
Now, if I can figure out the best way to get the ketchup bottle out, maybe I can convince others that it can accept a hot dog.