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The John Lochel may sell his family-owned restaurant 10 years, but he came up with a way to stay in the cafeteria of the future.

“My landlord,” Lochel told Patch in an interview on Monday, a few hours before the official transfer of the new owners, Tony Evangelista, 37 Horsham and his 31-year-old brother, the security Lochel family restaurant, Abington. Evangelistas will today officially open the new owners of the restaurant.

“He cheering for me, because my monthly payment he quipped.” Tony Evangelista

Any party will announce the specific lease. However, the two sides shared a lot of things – including the name of the restaurant – will remain unchanged. The inter Lochel chef, will be replaced by the new owners, all the restaurant staff will still exist, Evangelistas said.

The security said, he hoped to achieve in the next eight months, modern decor.

“We have a lot of ideas, and we want to do,” he said, without providing details.

They say that, at least at the time, fare and working hours will remain unchanged.

Anchor Hotel in New York natives, who have been working in Wrightstown Rome joy, and, most recently, Nonna Rosa in West Norriton, chefs say they want to “upgrade lunch, and this year summer to expand the hours of the Potato Peeler dinner three nights a week.

“The continental United States and the Italian style, is how the description of the type of dinner plans.

Although the Italian roots and desire to make homemade pasta and meatballs, stop calling food Italian. In addition, the pizza, he said.

“If we do this, we do so, we will put all their business,” he said, very few of the pizzeria has opened Hatboro.

For new customers, as well as the regulars, you may not be able to determine what kind of look forward to after the transition, and Tony Evangelista said, “Once they taste my cooking, I have them.”

Breakfast specialties including French toast made from bread baked in the neighboring Lochel bread, will continue as a menu favorite, the brothers said. John Lochel pointed bakery, which he bought 25 years ago, will continue to be run by his son and daughter-in-law, because it is in the past seven years.

Lochel, he said he has been “semi-retired” and is considering a move to the Poconos, where he began to look for the “donut things.”

Of course, the hope is Hatboro 80-seat restaurant, named after him for 150 pounds of potatoes, peeled, and fried Sunday morning – a week is the busiest day, breakfast will continue to flourish.

Before owners with new Lochel of the family restaurant owner sitting Monday morning, a special needle is used to the Potato Peeler pass to Evangelista Brothers way, the key is passed to the new owner.