National Hot Dog Month: There’s nothing better than a hot dog eating, I bake a lot of hot dogs Hot Dog Grill

We still love our summer in Colorado and feel very grateful, the fire was mostly contained in our neighborhood. We also really appreciate it, and we bought a gas grill does not belong to any of the burn prohibition rules!

One of the Hormel hair this month interesting challenge is to try to barbecue Accommodation cation, you hope you go you bake at home, destined for the theme of the meal taste! This is definitely a challenge, we can certainly acceptable.

My kids in the backyard barbecue
(We live in a 60-year-old base housing, so there is no luck planting the lawn)

On the grill, one of our favorite projects to begin grilled pineapple, so we tamper with the Brazilian style with a dusting of cinnamon sugar. The pineapple Order 19 pounds of agricultural baskets, anyway, so we enjoy the taste of a month long.

We also try to love Hormel House, Mr Donald Tsang, the barbecue sauce. We have been in the barbecue kick recently, so we used it, very very tasty sausage, beef and chicken. (I also liked the barbecue, because her husband is a what is a chef who can not me!)

The other interesting Hormel challenges, the National Hot Dog Month in July!
Americans eat at least 700 million hot dogs this summer, according to the country’s Hot Dog Grill and sausages Bureau.
Occurred in 10% of annual retail hot dog sales process in July, is designated as National Hot Dog Month.
Sausage consumption upward trend, with sales of $ 200 million in 2011.
We must try from the inevitable choice of Hormel ® series of new products. Original cheddar, turkey and beef, chicken sausage Asiago, Spinach, Apple Gouda, jalapeño peppers, now in their smoked sausage. This is the perfect barbecue!

What is your favorite barbecue items? How do you cook hot dogs? Hot Dog Grill is a choose.