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Asked a sampling Birminghamians specialties of the city, you are likely to hear and slow-cooked barbecue or sweet pepper cheese sandwiches, perhaps a Greek-style grilled snapper, fried green tomatoes, or orange volume. Perhaps it is roasted lamb shoulder and crushed potatoes Highlands Bar & Grill restaurant. However, as a student, the history of Birmingham, I cast my vote for the traditional Birmingham hot dog.

Coney Island (Coney Island) debut on the hand size of fair food Birmingham established a year ago, has become a working person’s diet staple Wiener Würstchen soft buns. Once as an emerging city of Birmingham in the 1880s, can escape the growing demand, fast, cheap, meals standing up. Bounce to the establishment of the city’s food service industry entrepreneurs of first-generation immigrants from Tsitália, Arcadia, a small village southwest of Athens, Greece.

Fish lunch Floor: George Cassimus (): Tom Bonduris (bright stars) the Tom Balabanos (Hobson coffee) aggressive bearded man like to open a restaurant, while their compatriots to peddle fruit carts and cigar shop, and the establishment of a Morris Avenue commercial warehouse. They brought their cousins and neighbors, The Greek society quickly Birmingham is a vibrant force, our economic and cultural.

Pete Koutroulakis, in 1939, the place to buy a “Louis”, a lunch counter into a 7-foot-wide slot between the former Playboy sedan and Loventhal clothing store he spent $ 600, and he won in Pinochle games. changed his name to “Pete’s Famous Hot Dog Grill”, and install the now familiar blue neon. Soon, he hired his nephew Konstantin (nicknamed “Gus”) to help. when Pete Rodriguez disease after vacation, took over.

January 18, 1948. It is in the city’s first television broadcast. Teenage Phenom Willie Mays just taken the Black Baron Negro League World Series. City Hall is still in the Fourth Avenue North and 19 Street.Paul Bryant is a young Kentucky Wildcats head football coach. Bobby Bowden enjoying his senior year at Woodlawn High School campus big man. And Larry Langford, a baby will soon be neighbors to stay awake in Loveman Village.

Please allow me to repeat. Gus Koutroulakis service hot dogs there almost every day since that January morning. His narrow doorway has developed his point of view, 45% of the entire history of the city. Today, I’m black, the door long enough time to buy the Specials, a sack of gold pieces potato chips, and a 12-ounce bottle Grapico: My thoughts, Birmingham signature meal.

In the center of the meal is the traditional Birmingham hot dogs cooked Griddle Wiener served a little warm bun accompanied by Greek and experienced meat sauce, pickles, onions and mustard. The same sandwich changes can procure any representatives of dozens of hot dogs around town. The oldest Gus’s Hot Dog Grill, Hot Dog Lyrics, Dino hot dog and Scott Koneys. The Sneaky Pete chain has its roots in the same tradition. While there may be one or another sweet soy sauce, a clearer onion or cooking habits, and its essence is the same.

From Ziegler meat, the company began to RL Ziegler the grocery store inBessemer he opened in In 1920, Koutroulakis his sausage. Ziegler pork sausage became the store’s best-selling products, and gradually overshadowed his business. Now, the company ships sausage, marinated, bacon, hot dogs, pickled (Of course, probably not so widely used). The company has changed hands several times, had been partly owned by the coach Bryant, who answered famous mother’s phone “to the University of Alabama, 1958.

You may not think Birmingham sauerkraut, but the soul legend Frederick FUNG Knight do. Birmingham the Knight Nierhengpu Hill “studio” sound in the late in midfield 1960s, the production and recording. Lowery Music demo cut Atlanta, he to extol virtue, Birmingham sauerkraut is a track: “I’m going back to Birmingham, I will be the next train, how much I want to potatoes, vegetables and legumes, but most of the Sauerkraut! ”

Pete’s famous special is an ideal supplement package sequin gold potato chips. Ziegler sequin began as a business is a grocery store. Of Moses Lischkoff and Frank Mosher’s “Magic City food fry up the chip and peanut butter cookies and horseradish Mountain in the grocery store in the 1920s. Their golden hair spokesperson, Helen Friedman, and later married Mosher bought Lischkoff market share. After they divorced, Helen took over the company. She grossed $ 750,000 in sales a year, she finally sold in 1946. The buyer the Leo Bashinskyand wisely use his sister Fusailesi of cases of Bear Bryant’s star power company’s marketing efforts. The Bashinsky family company listed in 1968, and quickly expanded to more than $ 100 million in sales by the mid-1980s.

The wash down Birmingham Meal essential it? You can not go wrong with a bottle Grapico. Although Grapico invention grape flavored soda water in New Orleans, the first wholesale bottling RR Rochelle the, Birmingham wide variety of paint dealer (the local spoken bottled soft drinks “paint”), a member of When Grapico founder of losing their rights to the trademark in dispute with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, to take over the production and sale of the entire South in Rochelle. The U.S. Grapico 11th Avenue North office, and in 1981, prior to the acquisition of local competitors Buffalo Rock, take countries to allocate their soda.

To learn more about the culture of hot dogs in Birmingham, I suggest that the view of the “hot Dogopolis” Southern Food Culture Alliance (organization, founded in 1999 in Birmingham), short documentary. But for the real thing, we must hurry the hotdogs time machine Avenue on the 2nd and Pete famous special all the way.