With DishWasher, I feel a lot easier, do food better than before, and the family is very satisfied with

All it needs is aluminum foil, a piece of fish, olive oil, some herbs, and some drizzle … your dishwasher. Let it cook in the DishWasher when you take fish oils and herbs in foil – folded very close edge to protect the fish from the dishwasher (or DishWasher fish, really) – you toss the package for a cycle.

Some people say that this is completely normal, and cook the fish at the same time, you do the dishes – soap and all – this whole thing is actually a benefit. It is environmentally friendly and save a few pennies on your electricity bill. Skinny, chef recommended combination of dishes or soap.

I did not cook the salmon – instead, I went to a vegetarian medley (broccoli, peppers, carrots, and all the good things), and put it through a shorter cycle, no soap or dishes. This is perhaps somewhat defeats the purpose? I just do not like the idea of soap or small sticky the dirty plates penetrate into the package, or minimal broccoli escape, all above all else.

The result? Hot, well-cooked, delicious vegetables! The process is not much simpler than steamed. However, my family has left a deep impression.