Like to eat Japanese food, sushi and sashimi and the like, how can be less of a Food Cutter, which makes your food look better

This new sushi bar on Yanqing Road to take over more than the former the tenant, Sushi’O space. Borrows heavily from the menu options of its predecessor in all the same categories: hand-rolled, sashimi, hot plate, entree, bread rolls and sashimi.

The decoration is a toilet-size-fits-style Japanese restaurant in China with poor ventilation. We recommend that you ensure a seat by the window. When we visited, the menu is a special buy Food Cutter get one free opening, which means we eat more than we should have the freedom part.
Salmon sashimi (45,000,000) than tuna (45,000,000) has a better texture and more vibrant hue. Tuna is probably not their strengths, because we also found that they lacked the spicy tuna roll (38 yuan). Cooked canned tuna in this volume, and kill it for us. Volume, the biggest problem the high rice than it beat the stuffing and the California lobster avocado roll (38 yuan) is no exception.
For RMB25, you can hardly expect the best tempura your life and our wide variety of carrots, onion, basil leaves and mushrooms price match. Same cheap seaweed salad (RMB), a generous clothing wearing wakame, lucky, we found that the Food Cutter is too timid, and we hope they punch, to tie in with the rich sweetness, this dish other Japan points. Night one of the better dishes, grilled mackerel (RMB 32,000,000), salty, fatty grilled fish, double perfect with a squeeze of lemon and a cold beer.
We will go back, if another buy one get one free transaction, we like it at this price point, it is sufficient, but in other respects, this is our lunch place of delivery in the strict sense of the.