If you like to eat a lot of hot dogs, how you can not Hot Dog Grill?

As long as the weather is still warm, we will be able to enjoy a barbecue. Food tastes better flame has been exceeded. Tender vegetables, fruit sugar, caramel, meat cooked perfectly!

But here is my confession: Last week I ate my first hot dog years.

Hot dog? From my childhood, I put away once I started to learn what is a guilty pleasure. Cheap, the mysterious Roubang antibiotics and nitrite just did not make me drool. Yes, ingredient list scare me hop classic Hot Dog Grill.

Last year, we switched to nitrite free lunch meat and I did not look back. My favorite brands, and some of the one of the requirements for my Applegate. I like their pre-packaged organic smoked turkey breast meat. This is a big stack of sandwiches perfect!

So, when I heard Applegate a new hot dog, and I am very excited! My future is certainly a big juicy hot dog. Nitrite, hormone and antibiotic free, they create their own dog from healthy animals, and integrity in their farming methods. The real beef, water, salt and spices, it is what I think it should be a hot dog. All the fun, there is no excess stuff!

Therefore, we grilled hot dogs, which is almost dinner time. You are willing for your dog? I love to enjoy my time in the back porch, and my husband grills, so I have been around us is super simple, fresh, clean.

Here are my tips, let your barbecue experience the most:
Go simple – barbecue successful half the fun, so do not be too complicated. Grab some fresh fruit and vegetables, kebabs, or on the grill straight to go straight, with your hot dog.
Your BBQ items to room temperature, then bake. Meat and vegetables, just a few minutes ago, on the fire, but not directly from the refrigerator will cook more evenly.
To seize a President the – mist meat or vegetables, a little olive oil, then grilled. A boss will save you money and excess heat.
Pickled or shake – to add flavor to grab marinade, friction or vibration to add extra excitement. Baked goodies. Herbs and spices can liven up your palette, there is no excess sodium, fat, and butter.
Wisely choose your condiments – check the label on your favorite tomato sauce and mustard. We always look the condiment, not including high fructose corn syrup, and a minimum of components.
Grab a meat thermometer – this is a must-have for all “oven”. Does not always mean black on the outside and the inside is cooked. Check to ensure that your barbecue has reached a safe temperature with a simple barbecue thermometer. There are many brands on the market. I used a stay in cooking meat.
I just started the summer barbecue plate Pinterest. Come check it out and let me know if you have a great barbecue recipe or tip added to. Applegate # wha tsinyourhotdog other SocialMoms “blog search # more great baking sheet.

I am very pleased to announce Applegate Hot Dog Grill are widely used in the Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington area. You can use your own product positioning to find some for your next backyard celebration.