About the history of the hot dog you know how much? When did you start the Hot Dog Grill?

Although the long-standing historical, sausage, hot dogs, apple pie in the United States. There is not the cause of a certain amount of Hot Dog Grill, but there are two theories is the most prominent.

Generally attributed to sports cartoonist TA “Ted” Dorgan, who ironically German Dachshund dog digital turn in the popularity of the 19th century, long-term hot dog. He said the sausage cartoon slander sale cheap sausages in Coney Island (Coney Island), implying that they contain rough dog. This is bad publicity signs prohibiting the use of “pigs and dogs” Coney Island (Coney Island), in 1913, the Chamber of Commerce. The word is actually first appeared in print in the Oxford English Dictionary in 1900.

German Americans brought us weinerwurst Vienna sausage, Germany, and eventually became shortened to wiener. German immigrants the smoked sausage bundewurst dog sausage, which is Germany. By the late 1920s, wienie roast has become all the rage, the guests Hot Dog Grill on an open fire.

Hot dogs to warm buns and the class various condiments credit “NYC, Harry Magely, the Polo Grounds, it was reported, indicating that he cried out,” red-white-hot suppliers, catering director! Red white-hot! ‘

Also believe the the warm buns idea is Charles Feltman, Jeffrey Feltman Gardens amusement park in Coney Island.