Home inside a Pasta Cooker is absolutely the presence, it will often help you

Pasta boat microwave cooking stove. This innovative container can also be used as a filter, server, and storage of kitchen. This makes it possible to cook, strain and serve the pasta only use the microwave. The pasta is a multi-purpose container ship, can also be used to store food in the refrigerator or freezer legacy. In addition to pasta, you can use it to cook rice. Some users can also use the microwave container steam vegetables, such as broccoli, potatoes and cauliflower.

What are the benefits of pasta boat?
According to the official website of the product and the satisfaction of user said, is what makes cooking pasta Pasta Cooker than any other way:
Redistribution of this rice cooker heat evenly, all of the pasta cooking efficient, fast.
The filter cover straining process is an easy one.
It comes with a recipe, which contains instructions how to use it to prepare meals, such as pasta and steamed vegetables.
Processing to help you measure out the perfect pasta section, do not second guess yourself.
You can leave the store the leftovers in the refrigerator to use the same container, then heated using a microwave oven, without having to move between the container and tank leftovers. In this way, you can use less dishes.
It makes cooking pasta easy and enjoyable, even if you do not have much time, the tableware or not enjoy cooking.
You do not have to use more than one tank and filter, cook noodles. This means that you can reduce the time spent cleaning and cooking.
You can use it to make all types of pasta, including pasta, macaroni, shells and Rigatoni. You can also cook gluten-free, whole food pasta.
With this rice cooker, Stuffed Pasta Cooker or lasagna, cooking does not tear.
This is very easy to clean. You can use fewer dishes, you will spend less time cleaning.
This is a large container, so you can even use it to a lot of people.
This is an all in a stew pot, filters, server and storage containers. This makes it a very convenient container kitchen.
You can also use it to steam vegetables using the microwave.
This is effective, because you do not monitor the pasta as it cooks. You simply set the timer.
How to Prepare pasta, pasta boat
Pasta boat pasta cooking process is very simple. Microwave cooking container to illustrate and timed to follow you cook. Your condition, ready to water and microwave pasta, you only need to follow these steps to ready to eat pasta