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Lottu Commercial Gas Fryers,Electric Fryers make your catering business successful

Lottu, one of the leading manufacturer of food service equipment, to provide a variety of foods that are high volume day, wide pan. Lottu fryer is often the most important investment of a commercial kitchen, because they are necessary for a variety of menu items, and provides strong potential return on investment. The pot can produce a variety of delicious snacks and food, French fries, desserts, funnel cakes, onion blossom. The fryer has a sound alarm, cooked or browned, automatic device, to improve and become lower into the oil, oil filter, basket, to extend the life of the oil to prevent food debris, mechanical or electronic control timer.

Lottu fried types of Lottu Gas Fryer

Natural gas or propane gas from the Lottu electric fryer, maximize productivity, and saves time in order to match the operating requirements of any size. With millivolt systems, these gases pot does not require electrical hook. It provides maximum energy efficiency and shorten the cooking time.

Lottu electric fryer

Electric Lottu deep fryer, which is powered by electricity is used for fried foods minutes. This is the restaurant of any type, in order to meet their cooking needs easily the ideal choice. Lottu electric deep fryer, including a large viewing windows, seal the lid, a basket placed on the finished product, light alarm, the oil fried ready to immerse the food. A commercial electric fryer is easy to clean interior, by the heavy non-stick surface of the aluminum body and adjustable thermostat to select the desired frying temperature. Lottu Electric Fryer is the energy efficiency of air than the fire fryer, easy to maintain a clean environment, and fried.

Lottu fried the significance Energy consumption

Energy Star certification Lottu frying pan provides unparalleled energy efficiency and quick cooking. The high efficiency Lottu fried gas and electricity model was found to have more than 15% of the efficiency of the standard model. It uses less heat units, saving energy costs, while maintaining the same quality of heating.
Enhanced temperature control

Several fire air pot to use millivolt temperature control system, to produce the advanced version of the flame by a standing pilot, a waste of gas solid-state electronic ignition control circuit, caused by sparks up to the flame of the fryer, allowing users to Open fryer Close. Users can easily pre-planned to idle the most advanced control, lower temperature solid-state computer-controlled type of help. It includes a built-in timer and idle frustration and programmable controls to ensure that completely fried food at the right temperature. Fryer is not used, this type of control, saving energy costs.


Add a variety to your menu, these versatile Lottu pot and enjoy like onion rings, french fries, dessert, chicken, and funnel cakes, dumplings, Buffalo wings, fried food in the restaurant kitchen cooking tradition! Depend on the reliable Lottu, test and prove the delicious fried food frying pan. Lottu pot is the best choice for your commercial kitchen!

Buying Tips For Commercial Fryers And Gas Fryers

When you need to find a commercial pot and gas fryers, there are some very important, you have to remember that you exactly what you need shopping. Find what you need, you may need some research, but it will be worth spending time and money on you to find what you are looking for. This article is going to tell you important things to remember, shop around.

There are several different ways, you can use it to find that you need to pot one of the ways is to find restaurant equipment provider. You can use a lot of people do not think that is another way to check to see if there are any restaurants, has recently closed down. If you find one, then you can usually all you need, pans and other equipment purchased from the restaurant, a good price on the location.

Pot you start shopping, you need to decide what you want to what type of deep-fried. There are so many, if you do not take the time to narrow the choices, you can spend days shopping, never find you need different types. So, always go shopping with a note of the exact type you are looking for so you can spend your time looking for a specific type, rather than wasting time looking for a clear picture of all.

A very important thing to remember is the efficiency. You need to find a commercial pot or gas fryer, you are comfortable to use, It is easy to anyone to use. This is not a short-term buy, so you must ensure that it is what you need, and hope.

For most business owners, energy prices is always a problem. So, you want to find a fried type, with energy-saving quality. This will require some research and ask questions, but it will be worth when you have a good fryer, energy efficient, especially if you use the fryer on a daily basis almost all.

So, when you shop, you need to your business’s commercial wok pot, make sure you remember these things. This will help you find exactly what you need without wasting a lot of time. In addition, you will be pots and other equipment you need for your business can find a good deal.