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Great help with ice cream machine in my shop .

Company to make additional efforts in each of the business to promote the sustainability of the development of environmentally friendly products and practices. You may see the mark of ice cream machine products and advertising, as well as to promote businesses and organizations to the recycling program. But you know, your ice may be green?

not true … so you can continue drinking the drink and spit it out.

one of the ice cream machine, the world’s leading commercial ice machine manufacturers are committed to maintaining sustainable business practices in every aspect of the company and the American Forests Global ReLeaf program cooperation. In addition to using recycled materials, packaging and manufacture of the ice cream machine recovery of industrial and office waste paper products. The most important ice cream machine plant trees as part of its green ReLeaf program to sell every ice machine. Green ReLeaf program of tree planting will help the world’s key areas of afforestation, and help to reduce topsoil erosion, prevent harmful air and water pollutants and carbon dioxide is replaced with a clean oxygen.

ice cream machine is committed to planting 15 million trees within five years, enough to offset the carbon footprint of their Denver factory, plus the equivalent of 15 other similar plants. To understand your company or organization can do their part to help the environment, check the “Global Forest ReLeaf program for more information.

The equipments and materials you need to open a ice cream shop.

ice cream equipmentNecessary equipment ( you can visit our website: http://www.cateringdevice.com  for all ice cream machine.

Ice cream machine, ice machine, sand ice machines, water boilers, sealing machine, coffee machine, ice machine (minimum 40 kg), the freezer, fresh or fresh cabinet table, cooker and other equipment each one; also available fried stove and microwave oven (where the food business to do business must have)

Optional Equipment

Hot and cold drink machines, snow melting machine, now tune machine, popcorn machine, sausage machine, device and cup, ice cream leather machine

Another need for tools and utensils

Such as: snow g cup, ounce cups, swizzle stick, ice cream spoon, ice bucket, ice scraper, measuring cups, ice cream cup, juice cup, coffee cup …… and so on.

The raw material

Such as: ice cream powder, concentrated fruit juice, jam, chocolate powder, milk powder, cream, chocolate pin, waffles, canned fruit, fresh fruit, cream, sugar, honey, condensed milk, brown sugar ……. … and so on.

Another: If you do need to produce their own hard-hard ice cream machine ice cream and hard ice cream display cabinets each one, the price 2-3 million or more.

Ice cream machine using process and main points introduction

Ice cream as you are very familiar with a cold drink, ice cream from our very little of the time to enter our field of vision, but their production of ice cream machine ice cream machine and many people may not know this. Ice cream machine that is used specifically for ice cream machine, a common inclusion in KFC, McDonald’s produced a machine belonging to the ice cream cone machine. Lottu catering equipments related ice cream machine using the process below and key points.
A pair of soft ice cream machine structure and operation of the refrigeration system features, design and operations personnel to help avoid or troubleshoot run problems. On soft ice cream machine to run common air/milk mixture in mixing pump pressure control switch shorted freezing cylinder, unsatisfactory products cannot be formed or forming, material cylinder temperature falls slowly, symptoms are analyzed. Think regulating the installation and operation, regular maintenance, periodic replacement of wearing parts, is a prerequisite for guarantee the normal operation of equipment, as well as the appropriate troubleshooting methods.
These buying ice cream machine in our manual notes, so read the instruction carefully before using the ice machine needed.
Lottu catering equipmentsfor the production of banana ice cream example to illustrate:
Raw material formula:
Banana (mature mildew and rot) 500 g
Half a lemon fruit
White sugar 300 g
Butter 300 grams
Method of making
1, flush with lemon and squeeze lemon juice to spare.
2, chenghao in advance of white granulated sugar into about 500 grams of water, heated to make it fully dissolved, and then filtered.
3, wash and prepare banana peel, forced into sauce, join filter syrup, after mixing thoroughly, and then add a fresh lemon juice mix.
4, after completing the above process of semi-finished products, be it to cool after mix with chenghao cream, loaded into containers, sent into the refrigerator for frozen, the finished product is banana ice cream.
Good banana ice cream ice cream machine produced examples Beverly food machinery just finished, we also have to tell you a little example, the steps are different for each ice cream, so if you need a better learning, you can log on Lottu catering equipments official website (www.cateringdevice.com ) to learn, we will provide customers with solutions for more ice cream machine and perfect after-sales service.


How to handle Ice cream machine power failure

Many merchants to purchase machines in operation tend to run into this or that problem. For example: ice cream cannot be formed, no technical faults such as sauce, machine is not functioning, where Beverly food machine provide customers with solutions in the ice cream machine to a power failure.
Ice cream machine to a power failure
 Now China is basically used most of the ice cream machine power requirements are 220V/50HZ, and abroad are not the same, the power requirements of each country vary for example are 220V/60HZ such as Korea, some 110V/60HZ, such as Japan and other countries of the power supply is not same as the domestic.
If you want to take a domestic machine to machine of foreign or foreign to domestic use, confirmed after the corresponding electrical requirements, you need to buy the dongle to use, before using it to three plugs on the ice cream machine line connection, or connect directly to the air on/off switch.
In select connection plug Shi to note ice cream machine of rated entered power is how many, General 2.2KW following of machine using 10 amps of plug (10A plug) to, 2.2KW-3.5KW of using 16 amps of plug (16A plug), so corresponding of please socket to selection 10A or 16A of socket, if socket and plug does not match will cannot connection up of, if using below rated current requirements of power wiring is has may led power line fever or short circuit.
It is worth noting if you electricity not know you get a Master electrician for help look OK. For ice cream they individually using the 380V power wiring, before you buy make sure you use the site can satisfy the connection request.

For customers purchasing machinery exports sent abroad Beverly food machinery with related qualification, is dedicated to ice-cream machine and has English and related instructions, and in the control panel power plug can be sent abroad according to customers ‘ needs to be modified to meet customer standards.

Ice cream machine operation instruction

http://www.cateringdevice.com/snack-store-refrigeration-equipment-c-78_91.htmlCustomers properly in accordance with good machine can read random equipped with ice-cream machine specifications, that will help better operation ice cream machine to make ice cream. Common glitches is usually the result of the action method for the is not installed correctly. When the customer is unable to solve these problems when can I call a machine after sales phone we have professional and technical personnel for resolution.
Common fault: mechanism of ice-cream made of ice cream is too hard
Ice cream tastes caused too hard does not meet customer requirements and thus no one wants to buy poor quality ice cream. 
First, are you using ice cream recipes in the ratio of configuration is not correct
Reduce the proportion of free water has three benefits:
1. you can make ice cream shaped better and improve the role of the organization.
2. you can effectively increase the expansion and viscosity of the mixture of ice cream.
3. let ice cream reduces the chance of ice crystals, to effective resistance to melting and retention of chaos
In ice cream production, reduce the proportion of free water to make ice-cream, who joins the chaos agent.
Chaos agent has made a kind of ice cream, like gelatin, CMC-Na, sodium alginate, carrageenan, locust bean gum, guar gum, pectin, etc are all commonly used chaos agent.
Second, you may be improper six toggle switch stalls! We recommend that you first check your size ratios for problems, reconfigure it try! Confirm or reset the toggle switch.

When that does not fix the ice-cream machine failure problem may be the first to get in touch with Lottu equipment installed on the machine or call free after-sales service telephone. Technician teaches you normally deal with the problem.

Ice cream production methods and precautions

Ice cream production methods and precautions

First, the soft ice cream production steps
1, take a clean container, add appropriate amount of water (by weight of flour and water, 1:3), while stirring slowly pour the ice cream powder, stirring until evenly.
2, stirred slurry of ice cream must be at room temperature for 15 minutes, before it fully into the homogenization in ice cream machine (Note: Still not enough time to play the ice cream will reduce the number, but also produce ice residue, affecting the original taste).
3, the slurry into the ice cream machine, start the machine, about 15 minutes after consumption.
Second, questions about ice cream powder
1, plus the more water the more the number of ice cream play it?
This is an erroneous understanding, puffed rice cake with only the number of rate related. Ice cream powder, some of the ingredients can make the ice cream volume expansion, bulk refreshing taste. If you add too much water, will reduce the concentration of active ingredients, thereby reducing the ice cream overrun, and prone to nuggets, and in severe damage to the machine.
2, Why did you hit there will be cake nuggets?
◆ excess water.
◆ slurry mixing uneven, enough mixing time.
◆ standing time is not enough. Stir the pulp need to put it aside for 15 minutes or more (better longer standing time, stirring several times during the can), so that the body is more delicate cake, puffing better.
◆ washing machine, not the cylinder body of water discharge clean.
◆ Use of poor quality machine or powder, leading to low hit extruded ice cream, and nuggets and more. Please use the East Bay company, and a number of patents we recommend a soft ice cream machines and soft ice cream powder.
3, the frozen cylinder causes and measures to avoid
◆ water is not too much, too much water is easy to freeze, please strictly in accordance with the ratio of the proportion of slurry.
◆ mixing tank cleaning water discharge is not clean, very likely end the phenomenon of freezing cylinder.
◆ the amount of difference between both sides of the cake too much, the cake while less prone to freeze-cylinder phenomena. Avoid methods: In a small side of the cake into a cake, play a few more Stores basin, so that both sides of the cake to maintain the volume balance.
◆ rice cake is not a long time, and the machine is constantly cooling, this time also very vulnerable to cold-cylinder phenomena. Measures to avoid: not more than 30 minutes to play cake, temporarily shut down, or play some of the cake body back into the storage basin material.
◆ Stores basin has no pulp, but the machine remains in the refrigeration, freezing cylinder at this time easily. Please note any feeding.
★ ice cream frozen cylinder ranging from not playing, while in gear or motor damage, please note that proper operation, to avoid such phenomena.

Third, questions about ice cream machine
1, what kind of soft ice cream machine is a good soft ice cream machine?
A good soft ice cream machine must have the following:
◎ absolutely safe, low power consumption.
◎ refrigeration performance, extruded rate, yield.
◎ easy to operate, running smoothly.
◎ sophisticated technology, handsome in appearance.
◎ after-sales service and quick.